Baltimore Fishing

Baltimore fishing offers angling enthusiasts any number of rewarding experiences to choose from. Maryland's largest city is ideally positioned on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, so there is no shortage of water to fish. When you also consider the area rivers and reservoirs, the angling options only get more complete. A number of Baltimore fishing charters stand ready, offering locals and visitors alike the chance to venture out for a few hours or more of angling bliss, and should you arm yourself with a Maryland fishing license, you can head out on your own as you please to destinations such as the Liberty Reservoir.

For those who are interested in a Baltimore Inner Harbor fishing charter, there are a couple of operations between Little Italy and Fells Point. The Inner Harbor is also home to a handful of excellent marinas where you can dock your own boat between fishing trips. Most Baltimore fishing excursions venture outside of the Inner Harbor realms, however, with some of the fishing charters opting instead to originate out of area destinations such as Essex. Should you prefer a Baltimore Inner Harbor fishing charter and you want to fish in the Inner Harbor waters, striped bass and bluefish are among the most common catches. The stripers are usually between sixteen inches and two feet in length, though some anglers often nab bigger ones.

A Baltimore Inner Harbor fishing charter can see you fishing for a few hours or the better part of the day, as is true of the area fishing charters in general. The longer excursions, which last around eight hours, usually include lunch, while the half day trips last around four hours and provide snacks and refreshments at best. Most of the Baltimore fishing charters, regardless of where they take you, will allow guests to bring snacks and beverages, so you might inquire when arranging your day out on the water.

Baltimore fishing trips can originate out of any number of area destinations, and they tend to offer more than just fishing excursions. One of the charter companies that originates out of Havre de Grace, for example, combines fishing with sightseeing on some of its trips, and you can opt to go sightseeing for the entire trip if you prefer. The Susquehanna Flats, which are part of the Susquehanna River area, are featured on many of the Havre de Grace excursions, and you might be interested to know that these waters are where largest striped bass in Maryland are said to swim. Should you want to try something else when booking your excursion through one of the Baltimore fishing charters, you might choose to go crabbing instead. The Chesapeake Bay is full of blue crabs, and if you've ever tried a Maryland crab cake, then you know how tasty these little creatures are.

Should you prefer fishing when booking an excursion with one of the Baltimore fishing charters, striped bass (striper) and bluefish aren't the only species that you can hope to catch. Croaker can be found plying the Chesapeake Bay waters in good number between the months of May and November, as is true of Spot, while April to November is flounder season. During the warmer months of the year, black drum, trout, bluefish, speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, and black sea bass are also common catches should you engage in some Baltimore fishing.

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