Baltimore Museum of Industry

Sitting on the western edge of Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor, the Baltimore Museum of Industry offers a route back in time to the industrial revolution. Though some may think the Baltimore Museum is a little on the serious side, it's actually full of many fascinating and fun exhibits with both permanent and changing exhibitions. The many changing exhibitions allow frequent visitors to catch up on something new each time they visit, displaying a fresh and innovative perspective on different Baltimore industries.

The Baltimore Museum focuses on a number of different Baltimore industries that helped to build the city and aid in it's continuous growth. The building that houses the industry museum in Baltimore is more than appropriate, illustrating just how important the city's history is. Once an oyster cannery erected circa 1865, it is now home to the Baltimore Museum of Industry. The sweeping complex also houses ample parking if you have a car rental or your own vehicle, a large pavilion and a lovely waterfront patio, a relaxing area for lunch or an early dinner when visiting.

The industry museum in Baltimore presents history of area labor and the city's industrial endeavors creating a captivating tale that illustrates where the roots of the city's economy first took hold. To get to the building visitors can take a pleasant half mile stroll along the Key Highway due south of the Inner Harbor. Kids get a big kick out of helping to operate a circa 1900 machine shop through recreations of the many different functions. There is also a recreation of a print shop, a garment workroom and a cannery that allows hands-on experience to see what it might have been like to be a part of one of the old-time Baltimore industries. Permanently docked right outside the Baltimore Museum of Industry is a real life tugboat powered by steam and restored to nearly perfect condition. During the first part of the century the tugboat expertly maneuvered the vast waterfront.

Inside the Baltimore Museum there are many things to do and see. Each day there are a number of events and programs visitors can participate in. Each weekend between 11am and 3pm there are a number of activities kids can enjoy with their families. The Wee Workers Toddler Program offers children ages two and up a chance to participate in songs, crafts, stories and gallery tours. For adults there are plenty of special events to take advantage of including a monthly wine tasting, history lectures, presentations and other weekend activities. Upon deciding when to go, be sure to check the calender of events for the museum in Baltimore.

Walking through the 1910 Bunting Pharmacy where Noxema first hit the shelves, touring a dockmasters shed and early dock, strolling through a 1886 bank and learning about the first gas company in the country are all part of the Baltimore industries visitors will learn about. A restored boat bomber, the first bottle cap ever invented and the S.S. Baltimore are only a handful of other attractions found inside the museum. Hands on programs for kids, such as History Alive, In the Neighborhood and City Builders teach children of many ages what the influence of industry really means. After a trip to the National Aquarium or Port Discovery, be sure to take the time to head over and enjoy one of the fascinating tours of the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

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