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Baltimore museums truly offer something for everyone, which only helps to make Maryland's largest city such a great place to visit. The Baltimore art museums figure among the best in town, and if you enjoy maritime history, historic ships like the USS Constellation now serve as verifiable museums. For baseball enthusiasts, visiting the Babe Ruth Museum is an experience that is not to be missed, while literary enthusiasts might prefer a trip to the Edgar Allan Poe House. These are just some of the options when it comes to the Baltimore museums, and there are plenty of other great museums in the region should you be looking to branch out. Washington D.C. is less than 40 miles away, so you might start there when planning cultural side trips for your upcoming Baltimore vacation.

When it comes to the best museums in Baltimore Maryland, no conversation would be complete without mentioning the Baltimore Museum of Art. This museum to the north of the downtown area is largest museum in the state, and its galleries are full of high-quality modern and contemporary works. Among the highlights is the impressive Matisse collection, which is complemented by works by such other renowned artists as Cezanne, van Gogh, and Renoir.

Other Baltimore art museums that can also be a joy for art enthusiasts to explore include the Walters Art Museum and the American Visionary Art Museum, to name a couple. The former offers scores of interesting pieces from ancient and medieval times, with the Egyptian collection getting the most attention. It's one of the best Egyptian collections in the entire country. As for the American Visionary Art Museum, it might just be the most fascinating of all the Baltimore art museums. All of the works that are on display there were executed by non-trained artists, and as you might imagine, there are many interesting things to examine. Rounding out the Baltimore art museums is the Contemporary Museum, which as its name implies, specializes in contemporary art. Photographs and paintings are just some of the works that are on display at the Contemporary Museum.

When it comes to naming the best museums in Baltimore Maryland, it really depends what your interests are. Comic book and entertainment enthusiasts, for example, will likely move the Geppi's Entertainment Museum to the top of their lists, while anyone who is interested in railroad history is bound to have a blast at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. At Geppi's, pop culture is at the heart of things, with highlights including many valuable comic books and TV memorabilia. Many visitors also take a special liking to the exhibits that display toys and collectibles. As for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, it is based in the roundhouse that was used to build America's first locomotive, the Tom Thumb. A number of interesting engines are on display, as is the largest locomotive that was ever made, and visitors can learn all about the early days of American railroading.

Some Baltimore museums are more family friendly than others, and they include the Port Discovery Children's Museum. This museum full of fun interactive exhibits that cater to kids transforms the otherwise nightlife hot spot that is Power Plant Live into a family destination during the day. The exhibits at the Port Discovery Children's Museum are geared mostly towards kids ages two to ten, and you might be interested to know that the majority of them were designed by the Walt Disney Company Imagineers team.

The best museums in Baltimore Maryland run the gamut, so finding one that makes for a good addition to your itinerary shouldn't be a problem. For history buffs, the Maryland Historical Society Museum is not to be missed, and since a number of historical sites in the city double as museums, they are also worth considering. The historical sites include the Fort McHenry Monument, where visitors can gaze upon a replica of the large United States flag that helped to inspire the Star-Spangled Banner. The original flag can be found at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

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