Oriole Park

A Baltimore Oriole is a swift song bird with vibrant orange and black feathers and arrives in Maryland early in the spring each year to the delight of many birders. The Baltimore Oriole is often found in suburban areas and parks because of its love of tall trees. Small and plump and offering a song rich in whistled tones and notes bestrewed with small rattling sounds, the little bird is the namesake of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. Oriole Park at Camden Yards, built in the beautiful and exciting city of Baltimore.

It's said that Oriole Park at Camden Yards is built in "retro" style, evoking another era when most buildings were made solely out of red brick. The natural grass and the green seats are really the only other two elements that add any "retro" to the mix at Oriole Park. Oriole Park Baltimore offers many amenities baseball fans appreciate. Although fans are there for the game, the baseball game experience is far better appreciated when cock full of extras for guests to enjoy. The upper deck is extremely steep and quite high, offering a wonderful view of Oriole Park baseball games. Those who prefer the luxury boxes for watching an Oriole Park baseball game have a great choice in a varied price range. These are especially popular for big game events at Oriole Park. Covered seating is not offered at Oriole Park.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is located near the biggest city attraction, the Inner Harbor. The convenience in location means families can explore attractions like the National Aquarium, Port Discovery and the Maryland Science Center and head to an Oriole Park baseball game in the afternoon without much fuss. From Oriole Park, visitors could walk to the harbor after a game as well for some great dining, shopping or a visit to Fort McHenry. Another of the ideal things to do before or after a game is to visit the Babe Ruth Museum for an in depth look into the life and times of the legend who was once, for only five months, a Baltimore Oriole himself until he switched teams and played for the Red Sox and eventually the Yankees where he became the icon he is today.

If you've got a car rental it's best to leave it parked as there isn't much public parking near the stadium. Walking from the Inner Harbor is the best idea and is only a short distance. If your Baltimore hotels nearby it makes the most sense to leave your car parked there. If not, there's plenty of parking around the Inner Harbor area. Some other things to do if you're planning on spending some time exploring the city before a game is a visit to the Edgar Allan Poe House or to the world class Baltimore Museum of Art.

At Oriole Park Baltimore concessions come in a great variety so if you're planning on a snack during the game and dinner afterward, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. There are a few excellent barbeque stands offering traditional grilled fare like tasty sausages and burgers. Once you're seated you'll notice that the seats are all on an angle facing the infield. Though the aisles can get a little bit clogged, the seating is quite good and the views are great. Oriole Park at Camden Yards only features baseball games, something very well appreciated by fans. If you're visiting the city, you might like to take one of the tours of the stadium. They last about an hour and a half. They run at different times throughout the year so it best find out particulars before visiting. If you've got tickets to a game you'll be in for an exciting time and see what the city really gets excited about.

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