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Baltimore tours offer both locals and visitors the chance to enjoy some of the best experiences that this historical city has to offer. The Baltimore duck tours, which involve both time on land and time in the water, are among the most popular, as are the various harbor tours, but they are just the start when it comes to the options. Baltimore sightseeing opens up a plethora of possibilities, and you just might even keep a few side destinations in mind when looking to add to your tour options.

The Baltimore duck tours are wildly fun affairs regardless of your age. The "ducks" are special WWII-era vehicles now used for sightseeing that can drive on land and go in the water. On the tours, passengers are given little quacking gadgets (kazoos) that they will have plenty of chances to use. Once the tour begins, it's on to some of the city's best neighborhoods for some land-based Baltimore sightseeing before venturing into the harbor waters for a fun boating adventure. Among the sights to see along the way are the Camden Yards neighborhood, the National Aquarium, and the USS Constellation. On some occasions, passengers on the Baltimore duck tours can make quite a bit of noise with their quackers, which usually gets the attention of anyone in the immediate area.

Baltimore Harbor tours aren't limited to the water-based portions of the duck tours. It is also possible to hop on a more standard boat and go sightseeing. Various lunch and dinner cruises of the harbor can be enjoyed, and it is also possible to go on a nighttime moonlight excursion if you please. If you're not interested in attaching a dining experience to your Baltimore Harbor tours, the hour-long narrated tours can be a good fit. Should you fancy taking to the open water on your Baltimore vacation, you can arrange a multiple-day schooner tour that plies the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. These schooner tours are typically offered in the spring and fall.

The Baltimore Harbor tours don't have to involve taking to the water. The Inner Harbor is a lovely place to stroll, especially since it is home to a number of enticing attractions. These attractions include shops and restaurants that you can break at when some rest is in order. The promenade at the Inner Harbor is a good place to start when considering Baltimore tours of the walking variety. This promenade leads to a number of choice attractions, including the American Visionary Art Museum.

As is true of virtually every major city and tourist destination south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Baltimore offers its fair share of ghost tours. One of the best ghost tours in Baltimore is the Original Fells Point GhostWalk, which highlights some of the Fells Point neighborhood's top attractions, as well as its haunted history. On some of the Fells Point ghost tours, you can visit the neighborhood's haunted pubs and indulge in your adult beverage of choice. The historic Mount Vernon neighborhood on the north side of Baltimore is also a popular ghost tour destination.

For baseball fans, the Baltimore tours include Oriole Park Camden Yards tours, while football fans who can manage to assemble a group of twenty or more can enjoy a tour of M&T Bank Stadium. Should more general sightseeing be what you have in mind, Segway tours in Baltimore have become popular in recent years. Other options for Baltimore tours include the various museum tours and the free Heritage Walk tours. The latter are 90-minute walking tours that highlight attractions along a three-mile route. They are offered at 10 a.m. on a daily basis between the months of April and November and originate out of the Inner Harbor's visitor center.

Baltimore tours can be of the guided or unguided variety, and you can entertain the option of booking private, customized tours if you please. Perhaps you'll include a sightseeing side trip to one of the nearby cities on your tour, such as Washington D.C. or Annapolis. Private coach tours that include time in Baltimore and Washington D.C. are especially popular and can provide wonderful insight into all the amazing attractions that you will get to see along the way.

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