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Baltimore taxis are in good supply for both land and sea commutes. The water taxis pick up where the regular taxis leave off. Should you prefer a little more in the way of style as far as traveling on land is concerned, getting around in Baltimore limos is also an option. These aren't the only Baltimore transportation options that will be available once you get to town. Whether you are getting around Baltimore or need to get here via bus or train, there are various options for all transportation needs.

One of the best places to find Baltimore taxis and limos is the airport. You can also rent a car if you prefer at the airport, and car rental agencies are available around the general area if you aren't planning on making an airport visit. Should you already find yourself in the downtown and Inner Harbor area, you can try to hail Baltimore taxis in the street or see if your hotel can call a cab for you. Since most of the hotel rooms and suites in town feature telephones, you can also arrange both cab and limo service in advance on your room or cell phone. As far as the Baltimore limos are concerned, they come in various shapes and sizes and can be used for all kinds of things. Bachelor and bachelorette parties often employ them, and they can also be ideal for the actual wedding itself.

Some of the Baltimore limos that you can rent are party buses, while others are your more standard luxury limos. The party buses are often more attractive for things like trips to a football game at M&T Park or a relatively raucous night out on the town. Your more standard luxury limo is bound to prove to be a better fit for things such as airport and Convention Center trips. Should you prefer saving money on your airport transfer, airport shuttle service is easy to arrange at the Baltimore Airport. You can also take advantage of the Light Rail system and the MARC metro to get from the downtown area to the airport.

Some of the Baltimore taxis are water taxis that are used to ferry passengers across the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The main water taxi station can be found at Harborplace in the Inner Harbor, though you can hop on a water taxi at any one of the various docking points. These points include the Fells Point neighborhood, the Canton neighborhood, and the Fort McHenry Monument.

Rounding out the options for getting around in Baltimore are walking and hopping on a city bus. Many of the best Baltimore attractions can be found within walking distance of one another, with the promenade at the Inner Harbor being an ideal place to start a walking tour. This promenade leads to a number of choice attractions, including the American Visionary Art Museum and the USS Constellation, to name a couple. When it comes to the city buses, they can be used to get to all parts of town. The rates are low for bus trips, though you will need exact change if you don't want to overpay. It is worth noting that there is one free bus service that many locals have come to appreciate. The Purple Line Charm City Circulator buses offer free rides between Penn Station and Ostend Street in South Baltimore.

As far as getting to Baltimore is concerned, the options are as complete. A number of major roads, including Interstate 95 and Interstate 70 offer avenues into town for those who are driving. If you don't want to drive, you can take a bus to Baltimore. For those who are interested in taking a bus to Baltimore, there might be no cheaper way to arrive. Some of the most popular bus trips link New York City and/or Philadelphia to Baltimore, and various bus tour packages are available should you want to see the sights at more than one or two destinations. Greyhound also makes stops in Baltimore if you simply need to get here at the cheapest rates.

It is also possible to take a train to Baltimore, especially if you find yourself on the east coast. East coast trains and buses run up and down the seaboard, with other popular stops including the nearby cities of Washington D.C. and Wilmington Delaware. Amtrak trains run routes to the city if you are interested in taking a train to Baltimore from a more distant destination, while the MARC metro trains can be used to get from the suburbs to the downtown area. You can also use the MARC metro trains to execute the 38-mile trip between Baltimore and Washington D.C.

While it can be fun to take a train or a bus to Baltimore, those who are looking to save time can always fly. The city boasts one of the best mid-size airports in the country, and there are plenty of enticing airport hotels to choose from if you need a good place to stay for a night or more after landing.

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