Baltimore Vacation Rentals

Baltimore vacation rentals provide travelers with interesting and often more flexible alternatives to a hotel stay. As you might expect, many of the top rentals in town are found near the water and within easy reach of all the great attractions. Regardless of which rental property you opt to go with, you can expect to enjoy similar amenities that you would at home. This is just part of the allure when it comes to Baltimore vacation rentals. Another perk is the added privacy that most provide when compared to your standard hotel room.

Whether you are interested in Baltimore vacation home rentals or a smaller apartments, it helps to know where to look. Two of the most popular neighborhoods are Federal Hill and Fells Point. That being said, it is also possible to find a rental property in the highly prized Inner Harbor. Since all of these neighborhoods are relatively close to one another and are part of the general downtown region, they aren't the best places to find Baltimore vacation home rentals. They feature some very attractive apartment rentals, however, and these apartments are generally spacious and well equipped.

While the Baltimore apartment rentals offer a lot of space on the whole, those who are interested in a larger home will generally have to look outside of the downtown area. There are some spacious townhomes for rent in the downtown area, though they don't offer the kind of space and privacy that an even larger home in the suburbs can offer. There aren't a lot of Baltimore vacation home rentals in the suburbs, however. As such, a townhouse might be your best bet when securing added space is the main priority. Spacious three-bedroom townhouses that can sleep up to eight people are available in the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and Federal Hill, so you might start there.

Most Baltimore vacation rentals are on the upscale side, offering such perks as deluxe kitchens, luxurious furnishings, HD televisions, and fireplaces. More often than not, whether you opt to go with an apartment or a home, Internet access will also figure among the amenities. Depending on which rental property you opt to go with in the end, a patio area with a grill and a hot tub will be just two more things that will be available. When you're not enjoying all the amenities that your Inner Harbor, Fells Point, or Federal Hill rental has to offer, you can explore the neighborhood just outside your door or hop on a water taxi to get to the other waterfront neighborhoods.

For those who are interested in last minute Baltimore vacation rentals, it is often easy to secure an apartment, townhome, house, or even a houseboat just before you leave on your trip or once you arrive. All you'll have to do is find one that is available and agree to the minimum stay requirements. On most occasions, Baltimore vacation rentals require a stay of at least three days.

Also worth noting when it comes to last minute Baltimore vacation rentals is the fact that it is sometimes possible to find last minute vacation packages that include a rental stay. Other things that these packages might include are flights and rental cars. If you are planning a trip with no time to spare and you can find any last minute Baltimore vacation rentals that suit your needs, the city is full of great hotels, so you won't want for enticing lodging options.

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