Walters Art Museum

Art enthusiasts have two wonderful choices when looking for a Baltimore art museum. The Baltimore Art Museum, famous for its collection of Matisse works, is one while the other is the lesser known and often underrated Walters Art Museum. Walters Art Museum was given to the city of Baltimore "For benefit to the public" in the year of 1931 by William and Henry Walters, a father and son duo. The art pieces that comprise the Walters Art Gallery number twenty-two thousand in total and make up almost forty galleries at the museum. The collection was assembled by both William and Henry and considered to be one of the most impressive private collections ever in the United States.

Three years of renovations spawned a new and improved Baltimore art museum, ready to showcase one of the most prominent collections in the country. With the extensive renovation there have been many modern improvements which highlight many of the most interesting aspects of the Walters art gallery. The audio tour is excellent and features more than three hundred stops on one of the best indoor tours available. Kiosks with interactive touch-screen also allow visitors to get hands on with many of the exhibits. Since the collection was first awarded to the city, it's grown to almost thirty thousand works of art that embody cultures from all around the world.

Though the most highly acclaimed accumulation at the Walters Art Museum are the Italian paintings, there are many other fantastic galleries to delve in to. In step with the Maryland Renaissance Festival, the cache of Baroque and Renaissance Art on the third level of this Baltimore art museum spans from the 14th to the 18th century and includes works by Veronese, Tiepolo and El Greco. The Walters Art Museum Baltimore collections also include a fascinating stockpile of manuscripts and rare books and European decorative arts. The Asian art collection includes more than 1,000 pieces of Southeast Asian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese art. It holds the oldest known image of the Buddha from the 17th century. Ancient art, 19th century art and the Chamber of Wonders are additional highlights.

At the Walters Art Museum Baltimore visitors are privy to three buildings full of astounding historical objects and a wealth of art and artifacts. Mount Vernon, the prominent and impressive neighborhood the Walters Art Museum is located in, is one soaked in history and attractions. The trio of buildings owned by the Mount Vernon institution and accessible in the immediate area includes the Mount Vernon Museum, free to the public, and feature a vast collection of jewelry, mummies, Asian art, ancient armor and much more. At the Walters Art Museum Baltimore visitors should plan on at least a three hours to fully explore the featured collections and artifacts.

Those planning on visiting the Walters art gallery can do so from Wednesday through Sunday between 10am and 5pm and on Friday until 8pm. Admission is free which is another bonus to visiting the Walters Art Museum. Free tours of the permanent exhibitions are available on Saturday beginning at 11:30am and on Sunday at 2pm. If you're planning when to go, be sure to check out the calender of events so as not to miss any special functions. The neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Districts and is an extremely pleasant area to explore. Baltimore hotels in the area are popular and close to many things to do. Aside from the Walters Art Museum Baltimore attractions in the neighborhood include the Washington Monument, beautiful residential areas, restaurants, great shopping, nightlife, theaters and many cultural attractions.

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