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There are so many wonderful deals for Maryland rental cars that if you're playing with the idea of getting your own vehicle, the low prices may be just enough to make up your mind. If money is no object maybe you're thinking of trying out one of the exotic car rentals in Maryland. For a step down, yet still a sublime experience, a luxury car rental in Maryland can be ideal. If you've arranged a Maryland vacation where you'll be visiting more than one city or town, than car rentals in Maryland are a great way to go. They offer a wealth of convenience and freedom at a very low price. You can fly into Baltimore Washington International Airport, pick up your car and be on your way fairly efficiently. Then it's up to you how quickly or slowly you prefer to travel to your destination. If you're staying at one of the area Baltimore hotels, it'll be a short drive.

If you live in, or travel often in the United States, you won't find much of a difference in Maryland car rentals than most other states in the country. Major agencies offering Maryland car rentals include Hertz, Budget, Alamo and Enterprise. There are many smaller agencies as well that offer great deals but the major ones should suffice. With a number of rental agencies, extremely affordable prices become a reality. Since there is always competition, car rentals in Maryland are offered at many incredible rates leaving little excuse for traveling without a car unless you don't need one.

If you're looking for a luxury car rental in Maryland, they are fairly easy to find, although most of the major agencies offer more standard choices and less choice in luxury rentals. The type of luxury vehicles you can choose from vary but most often include a Lincoln Town car or a similar model. A luxury car rental in Maryland will cost roughly twice that of an economy model and include special features like anti-lock brakes, power-assist steering, a supercharged, six cylinder engine, leather interior and lots of space. Most luxury cars allow enough space for up to five adults and up to six suitcases. A luxury car can be a great way to enjoy Maryland tours with your family affording a wealth of comfort and convenience not always offered in a standard car. Luxury cars are ideal for driving from course to course for Maryland golfing, touring Maryland beaches and seaside towns and enjoying a premier driving experience.

Finding exotic car rentals in Maryland is a bit of a tricky task. Though standard vehicles are readily available, an exotic car can be harder to find. If you're keen on finding a choice in exotic car rentals in Maryland, the best place to do this is from cities near Washington DC, such as Silver Spring and Bethesda. Luxury models include Bentleys, Mercedes, Porsches, Hummers, Vipers, Corvettes and BMWs. Baltimore is another good place to try and find exotic Maryland car rentals. You may have to make some phone calls and possibly have a popular rental agency out source your request but it isn't impossible. The difficulty is finding an agency that deals with these expensive models as they are not nearly as popular as standard and economy models, nor nearly as affordable.

Picking up car rentals in Maryland directly from the airport or when you arrive at your destination is completely up to you. Some people prefer not to deal with traffic right off the bat while others can't wait to get into their rental car and begin their holiday or business trip. The options for the many things to do in the state when you have a car affords many more choice than if you have to rely on public transportation. The ease and convenience of travel during your visit will eliminate a lot of worries and keep you focused on the main priority, having a great time!

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