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Maryland is state focused on water, not completely surrounded by it, yet enjoying a number of salt and fresh bodies of water. Water offers an extra layer to the many things to do in the state. Ocean City, adjacent to the sapphire waters of the Atlantic, is one of the most popular, and busy Maryland resort areas there is. Being directly on the ocean with immediate access to the beautiful Maryland beaches also offer great access to Maryland fishing. Pier fishing in Maryland is a favorite in and around Ocean City and other areas with little need for any water crafts. Maryland fishing charters, both deep sea and shoreline fishing, are readily available in Ocean City as well.

One of the most popular angling styles adopted by many is Maryland fly fishing. If you're in the city but crave a little outdoor action, Big Gunpowder Falls less then 20 miles north of Baltimore will do the trick. This is a great spot for Maryland fly fishing but can get somewhat crowded on weekends. At this particular spot in Maryland trout fishing is the ticket. The river rambles on here for about ten miles through the peaceful country side where oaks and hemlock, wild flowers and pretty limestone rocks dot the riverbanks. Maryland trout fishing here will reap a variety of rainbow and brown trout. Savage River in Bloomington is also an excellent place for Maryland trout fishing yielding varieties of brook, rainbow and brown

Maryland fishing along the Potomac River is also popular. Bass, both striped and widemouth, are the most popular catches along fifty miles of fast-flowing water. One of the best places for a good score is slightly north of Wilson Bridge. A little ways down from there shadows cast by Mount Vernon offer a place where bass like sit. Climb up onto the cliff above and peer down for a good look. Maryland fishing here can be frustrating because of the hydrilla-covered bottom, a thick water-loving plant that is less prevalent when salt water from Chesapeake Bay flows into the river. Getting into the river for a little Maryland fly fishing can be very enjoyable and yield plenty of great catches.

Pier fishing in Maryland is another favorite way to pass away a morning or afternoon. There are myriad spots for this kind of angling experience. Choptank River Fishing Pier is a long-standing favorite with anglers who know all the prime spots to fish. It's located in Trappe, Maryland along Ocean gateway about an hour from Annapolis. It's also only a half hour from historic St Michaels where there are a number of unique Maryland luxury hotels to choose from. The Choptank pier spans from one end of the river to the other and is never closed. Night fishing is a great bet and the pier lights make this a breeze. Anglers yield a number of species including striped bass, catfish, perch, hard heads and sea trout.

Talbot Street Pier is another prime spot for pier fishing in Maryland. It's located in Ocean City where there are a slew of fishing events to participate or just to enjoy. Ocean City has a long seaside history full of many tales and fishing stories galore. Those who prefer stream, river and lake fishing generally rent Maryland cabins in the woodlands while those who want a saltwater experience head for Ocean City and a wealth of Maryland fishing charters to choose from.

Another wonderful place to enjoy Maryland fishing charters is in the Solomons Islands, a tranquil getaway that offers a large variety of activities for the whole family including jetskiing, sailing, kayaking, Maryland tours of the island and much more. Boat rentals are readily available for an easy do-it-yourself Maryland fishing trip. Solomons Islands are only an hour south of Washington, a quiet fishing village right on the waterfront. Maryland fishing charters to Chesapeake Bay are available every day of the week. Reserve the evening for some fine dining and eclectic shopping and consider one of the beautiful Maryland bed and breakfasts for an overnight trip. No Matter where in Maryland you are, if you're an angler you'll find a suitable spot to reel in a great catch. From the interior rivers to the free-flowing sea, there's a fish with your name on it in Maryland.

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