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If you have never been to Maryland, you will likely be intrigued by its variety of landscapes. From the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay on the eastern seaboard to the mountainous western region between West Virginia and Pennsylvania, Maryland changes significantly. If you are traveling around Maryland, you'll be glad to know that Maryland hotels are in good supply wherever you go. Here are some of the most popular destinations in Maryland, and general information on the hotels you can expect to find there.

On a Maryland vacation, if you stay in the central region, you can enjoy the sights and attractions of the approximate cities of Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington D.C. You won't have to do much driving between them, and the abundant selection of Maryland hotels in the area makes finding accommodations very convenient. Baltimore is a lively city, where it seems that the locals are always up for a good time. Found on the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore is larger than you may have thought. Some of the older neighborhoods, like Fells Point and Mount Vernon, have picturesque old houses and buildings that are starting to get noticed on the tourism radar. Baltimore is surely rich in culture, and The Peale Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art can well fill a few hours each. Of significant interest is the Fort McHenry National Shrine and Monument. If you plan on staying in downtown Baltimore, there are thousands of rooms at the downtown Baltimore hotels that serve the needs of business travelers during the week. Prices at the downtown Baltimore hotels are pretty high on weekdays, but on weekends, many drop their rates. The Baltimore hotels near the airport are convenient, and many of them have free shuttle service that takes you to a downtown-bound train. If you want to visit D.C., Baltimore's second-largest city of Gaithersburg is a suburb offering a multitude of Maryland hotels.

Not even 30 miles south of Baltimore is the state's capital city, Annapolis. Annapolis is a city that has maintained its colonial feel better than most, and the State House in Annapolis attracts thousands of visitors every year. With exciting restaurants, shops, and bars, weekends in Annapolis are especially lively, and as home to the United States Naval Academy, there is a very special feel here. St. John's College also resides in Annapolis, adding to the city's cultural appeal. Regardless of the season, Annapolis is a must-visit if you are anywhere nearby, and the hotels in Annapolis offer a range of choices for every budget. The Historic District hotels in Annapolis tend to have high rates, and if you want bed and breakfast hotels in Annapolis, you might consider trying Eastport. Many of the budget Annapolis hotels are located a short drive from the Historic District and they are worth investigating. There are a bunch of charming small towns and well-preserved parks and beaches south of Annapolis. Across the Chesapeake Bay from itself, Maryland borders Delaware and a small bit of Virginia. If you want to visit a remote town here, Crisfield is fit for a visit. It's a good place for fishing or boating trips, and there are some affordably-priced Crisfield hotels to choose from. On the far eastern coast, you will find the only Maryland beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, the most famous of which is Ocean City.

Ocean City is a favorite beach town for both Maryland natives and incoming visitors alike. The 3-mile long boardwalk here abounds with not only restaurants and shops, but Ocean City MD hotels as well. Ocean City is exceedingly full in the summer, so it's a good idea to book accommodations at the Ocean City MD hotels in advance. All around the city, the hotel rates go up in the summer and drop in the off-season. Come any time other than summer, and the Ocean City MD hotels provide great chances for finding a discount Maryland hotel. Some people prefer vacation rentals to the hotels in Ocean City. If you headed west from Annapolis, instead of southeast, you may be headed for the historic city of Frederick, Maryland's third largest. Frederick had a not-so-convenient location during the Civil War, located between Washington D.C. and Gettysburg, and it's role in American history is remembered at its museums and historic sites. Other nearby sites of interest pertaining to the Civil War are Antietam and Harpers Ferry. The Frederick hotels consist mostly of a variety of chain hotels, and you can find some nice inns in and around the city. The 50 block Historic District has nice bed and breakfasts, and if you stay downtown, you can better enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife, its quality restaurants and its shopping.

If you want to explore one of Maryland's western mountain cities, the city of Cumberland is a growing tourist destination, partly because it offers access to the mountains and Rocky Gap State Park. Cumberland has a thriving historic downtown quarter that is full of attractions, shops and restaurants, and at the Heritage Area you can hitch a ride aboard the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. Cumberland offers a rich experience at an overall good price and among the Cumberland hotels, you can find a gleaming new resort, various discount Maryland hotel options, and some nice inns and bed and breakfasts. The Maryland hotels truly have something for everyone at each turn. When you are looking for Maryland hotels, be sure to check for any package deals or online discounts.

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