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There are plenty of great ways to explore and discover Maryland. Having your own car rental is a great way to start. Some visitors choose a few cities and take Maryland tours on there own, heading from city to city, setting their own pace as they go. Tour in Maryland done by car rental offer a tons of freedom for visitors to what they want, when they want to see it. Many visit sprawling Baltimore to take in all the big city delights and Annapolis for its beauty and history. Most Baltimore hotels and Annapolis hotels easily accommodate a car rental offering plenty of on site parking, often for free or a small fee. Whether you prefer your own self-guided tours in Maryland or guided tours by professionals,

Historic tours in Maryland can be done by car as well. Areas like Annapolis and Frederick, and even Salisbury and Hagerstown offer plenty of historic sites to see. Historic tours in Maryland include visits to a number of Civil war sites once home to important war time events that had great affect on Maryland's future. In Baltimore Fort McHenry is high on the list of historic tours in Maryland to explore. Other sites pertaining to more recent history in Baltimore include the Edgar Allan Poe House and the Babe Ruth Museum. In Annapolis Maryland tours should include the Waterfront Warehouse, an old tobacco storehouse that also features a three-dimensional illustrative model of the harbor in Annapolis. Also of interest are the Old Barracks, found along the same street as the warehouse and the Historic Hammond-Harwood House Museum.

With such rich and fascinating history all throughout the state, Maryland ghost tours are another popular way to explore. Essentially they're very similar to historic tours in Maryland as they stop at a number of old, significant sites full of old tales and stories. In Frederick, candlelight ghost tours are one of the favorite things to do during a visit. Said to be one of the most haunted cities in Maryland, this walking tour takes visitors through the city for an hour and half excursion through alleys and streets telling tales of carnage, death and betrayal.

One of the best places for Maryland ghost tours is in the historic district of Fells Point. It's a great place to spend a day as there are many things to do. Dining and shopping are excellent and some of the best Baltimore hotels are found in the area as well. Once a raucous seaside town, Fells Point was the birthplace of the clipper ship, used by rowdy sailors that once filled the waterfront streets of Fells Point along with thousands of immigrants starting new lives, street walking ladies, and many shady characters looking for many different things. From this eclectic mix it's believed a number of spirits have stayed behind and haunt many of the old district buildings. Haunted shops, pubs, homes and more are all visited on this famous Maryland ghost tours roster.

Maryland train tours are another wonderful way to enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful mountains, valleys and meadows. One fo the most popular Maryland train tours is the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad offering a number of tours. Standard excursions pass along the beautiful Allegheny Highland Trail and last three and a half hours. The Murder Mystery Tour unfolds before you as you ride the rail and try to figure out whodunnit! This tour includes a delicious dinner and a cash bar.

Maryland train tours also include a chance to ride inside the locomotive with the captain. This is an extremely exciting way to enjoy a train ride and the smells, sounds and views experienced only from the front of the train. Specialty trains available for Maryland train tours include the seasonal Santa Express and North Pole Express and a Caboose rental. No matter what your interest, there are tours in Maryland to match. Tour wineries, galleries, museums and shopping districts for a wonderful look into the varied and eclectic state.

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