Flights to Boston

Flights to Boston Logan International Airport depart around the clock although the most common flights occur during more regular day and evening hours. Logan International in Boston is on the east side of the city across the inner harbor and is not far from Boston's Financial District. Logan International is popular and modern facility that includes food and beverage, shopping, banking, news and gifts, duty free, public internet, salon and spa and other services as well. Several major airlines service flights to Boston including American, British Airways, Delta, United and Air Canada. Flights to Boston are generally convenient and the airport, though it does have its busier times, doesn't get as clogged as some others do. Mass transit makes getting to and from the airport accommodating via water shuttle and rapid transit rail. Logan International Airport is roughly one hour from central Massachusetts.

Lots of people try to find cheap flights to Boston all the time. In modern society we no longer heavily rely on travel agents to find us the best deals, all the while collecting commission from their recommended choices. Travel agents are still widely used, but their function in the travel world has definitely shifted. When trying to find cheap flights to Boston there are several recommended tactics. Consolidators are companies that buy large quantities of tickets from the major airlines at bulk prices. Sometimes airlines will offer reduced prices to consolidators for tickets that might not otherwise be sold. Then the consolidators resell them at enticing discounts to you. Airlines don't deal with a whole lot of consolidators but on occasion they do dump a lot of cheap tickets and this is one way to find cheap flights to Boston, especially if you're flying in from outside North America.

When searching for cheap flights to Boston consolidator flights aren't normally found on any old airline website or discount travel fare site. When searching for cheap air travel to Boston on your own, try searching with keywords such as "consolidator, bulk, net and negotiated" fares and you might have a bit more luck. Being quite flexible with the times and dates you fly, which is not an option for everyone, can lower flight prices as well. Another option for cheap air travel to Boston would be to purchase your flight from a smaller airline if possible. Smaller airlines such as Air Transat offer charter flights which can significantly reduce rates.

Cheap air travel to Boston can also be found through vacation packages. If going on holiday to Boston you'll likely need a flight and accommodation at the least. Some people will rent a car as well. Normally, no matter what you're buying, the more you buy the better the deal you get, depending on what you're buying, and with holidays its no different. Many travel companies will give you discounts on flights, hotels and rentals when you purchase them all together. This is defiantly one way to get cheap air flights to Boston.

One last thing to consider is timing. Some people say timing is everything and with flights that's generally true It's no secret that there are peak flying times, when everybody and their brother are going somewhere, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, summer months etc. Avoid these times and you will most certainly be paying less for your flight. When looking for cheap air travel to Boston, be aware of the best times to visit.

The peak time to visit Massachusetts during the summer months in June, July and August. Some say it's the best time while others disagree and claim it is much too hot and way too crowded. Opt to go at a less demanding tourism time such as the early spring or late fall. At this time of year the weather is still great and you can also save significantly on your accommodation as special rates are common those times of year. A lot of it is about supply and demand. If you go travel in the less demanding times you're much more likely to find cheap air travel to Boston.

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