Boston Childrens Museum

The Boston Children’s Museum can be found at 308 Congress Street and was established way back in 1913. That makes it the second oldest museum of its kind in the United States after the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. In relation to its mission, the Boston Childrens Museum aims to stimulate the imagination of youngsters through such things as interactive exhibits and special programs. Highlights include the "Science Playground" and the "New Balance Climb." Among other things, kids can make giant bubbles at the Science Playground, and the New Balance Climb features a fun maze that provides insight into the laws of physics.

The Boston Childrens Museum isn’t a museum in the traditional sense. Instead, it serves more as an educational institution. Both kids and adults alike can learn about our amazing world through various exhibits and activities. These exhibits and activities focus on such subjects as science, environmental awareness, culture, the arts, and health and fitness. Permanent exhibits mix with special temporary exhibits, and the admission price includes all activities.

The only days that the Boston Children’s Museum is closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas. That makes it easy for families to include a visit on their list of things to do in Boston. General hours for most days are 10 am to 5 pm. On Fridays, the Boston Children’s Museum stays open longer, closing at 9 pm instead. When purchasing tickets, it can be a good idea to keep an eye out for discounts. Anyone who wishes to save some money during their Boston Childrens Museum visit should also know that it is possible to bring food to the center. Dining space is available both inside and outside. Nearby restaurants also provide dining options for visitors to consider.

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