Boston Skyline

The Boston skyline is a beautiful sight from the deck of a boat, the table of a restaurant, or even through an observatory in a soaring skyscraper. Like all cities, Boston has a different appearance at night, and many visitors wish to find the best views of the twinkling lights. If you’re looking for the best views of the Boston skyline at night, you have a few options. Whether you choose to climb aboard a harbor cruise, enjoy a cocktail in a bar with a view, or gaze out the windows at one of the city’s observatories, the skyline won’t disappoint you.

Some people say that the best Boston skyline views come from the Prudential Skywalk Observatory. A full 360-degree of the city can be seen from this 50th-floor observatory. The Boston skyline looks stunning by day at the Prudential Skywalk Observatory, where visitors can see the gilded dome of the Massachusetts State House, the historic brownstones of Back Bay, the Public Garden, and Boston Common. As the second-tallest skyscraper in the city, it should come as no surprise that one of the best Boston skyline views comes from the Prudential Center.

If you're thirsty or hungry after your gaze over the Boston skyline, don’t head back down to the street level for refreshments—take the elevator another two floors to the Top of the Hub restaurant and lounge, where you can sip a cocktail or grab a snack as the sunsets to reveal a spectacular view of the Boston skyline at night. If you’re planning a special evening, book a table at the restaurant and ask for a window table with an amazing view of the city. These reservations go fast, so be sure to call in advance to reserve a table for your special night. A jazz ensemble plays in the evening, and guests are encouraged to relax and enjoy the lounge over a glass of wine.

Still not satisfied with views of the skyline? Your next stop should be the Independence Wharf Observation Deck, one of the least-known but best Boston skyline views in the city. This historical site (many historians believe that the Boston Tea Party took place very nearby) brings visitors fourteen stories above the bustle of the city for some great views. There is a great view of Boston Harbor and the coastline, and the Independence Wharf Observation Deck is guaranteed to be less crowded than the Prudential Skywalk Observatory.

While restaurants, bars, and observatories all offer great views, some locals might maintain that the best view of the Boston skyline at night is from the deck of a boat. Charter your own boat or book a ticket on one of the many harbor cruises or tours along the Charles River. From dinner options to romantic moonlit cruises with dinner and dancing, there is a cruise option for you. While the food, entertainment, and company is all guaranteed to be quality on a harbor cruise, the true star of the evening is the Boston skyline itself, shimmering beautifully in the distance.

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