Boston Restaurants

Boston restaurants promise flavor, diversity, and a great atmosphere. In recent years, Boston dining has risen to a whole new level, thanks to chefs who have put the city on the culinary map. New festivals and events focused on food and wine have brought a renewed interest in cuisine to the city, while traditional foods are still prepared with loving care and served with a smile. There is food in Boston for every type of traveler, from the devoted foodie to the budget traveler seeking a cheap but satisfying meal. Sometimes, the best restaurants in Boston are ones that you wouldn’t expect, but with a little research before your trip, you’ll know exactly where to look for these memorable dining experiences.

One of the best ways to experience Boston restaurants is during restaurant week. Boston dining has taken the concept to a new level, and operates the program twice a year, once each in the summer and the winter. These two different seasons allow chefs to showcase a variety of food in Boston, using seasonal ingredients to satisfy diners' cravings. An affordable prix-fixe menu grants access to otherwise expensive meals, allowing locals and visitors alike the opportunity to sample new restaurants. If you plan to visit at these times of year, be sure to make your reservations for restaurant week as early as possible—the tables tend to book up very quickly.

Another favorite element of restaurant week is deals on wine. Some Boston restaurants will pair wines for you, and affordable restaurant week prices apply. Be careful—you just might get hooked on an expensive wine and not be able to return back to what you were drinking before! Founded on the principal that all people should have access to fine Boston dining, restaurant week is a hit every year. From the upscale Italian restaurants of the North End to the hottest new restaurant downtown, most chefs embrace the chance to expand their clientele by impressing them during restaurant week.

Fortunately for travelers who don’t find themselves in the city during one of these weeks, the food in Boston is excellent all year long. The chilly weather will leave you craving a hot bowl of chowder, and there are plenty of places that make a delicious variety. Seafood is a specialty of the area, and don’t be surprised to see the American classic apple pie on a variety of dessert menus. While Boston has plenty to offer on the fine dining front, some of the best choices are local pubs and independently owned cafés. Discover the charm of Boston’s eateries as you visit popular attractions including Fenway Park, the Museum of Fine Arts, or one of popular marketplaces.

The multicultural population of Boston has resulted in excellent choices for international cuisine as well. Whether you’re in the mood for Japanese, Moroccan, a traditional Irish pub, or a French brasserie, Boston offers it all. For classic atmosphere head to the waterfront and grab a table with a view of the harbor, and for a glimpse of Europe in Boston, book a table in the North End. Don’t be shy about exploring outlying neighborhoods as well. The prices may be a bit more reasonable in areas such as Jamaica Plain and Roxbury than what you'll find in the city center. Wherever you find yourself dining in Boston, remember that you’re on vacation, and take your time savoring the cuisine of this special American city.

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