Boston Events

Boston events are often free, entertaining, and fun for the whole family. While there are plenty of opportunities for a splurge in Boston (gourmet restaurants, boutique shopping, and baseball games at Fenway Park, to name a few), the savvy traveler can plan an entire trip around free events in Boston. Whether you arrive in the fall to see the vibrant autumn colors or have always wondered what Saint Patrick’s Day in Boston is really like, don’t think that an endless supply of cash is needed to see this spectacular city.

With such a strong Irish population, it is no wonder that Saint Patrick’s Day in Boston is one of the most popular celebrations in the country. You won’t have to search far to find great atmosphere on March 17 of each year. Free events in Boston include parades, music, and other creative forms of entertainment. Many people will show their Irish pride, whether they have Irish heritage or not, by dressing up in green outfits, costumes, or painting their faces. If you’ve forgotten your costume, don’t worry—there are plenty of vendors that will help you feel like you belong at this favorite of all Boston events.

Another cultural celebration takes place in a different neighborhood of Boston. The North End is traditionally home to the Italian population, and in addition to offering great restaurants all year long, the neighborhood also offers celebrations and traditional festivals of Italy. Boston North End events take place frequently in the summer, celebrating the Italian feast days. Each weekend from June through August visitors are likely to see processions in the streets in celebration of various saints. Just strolling the streets of the North End will have you feeling like you’ve traveled farther away from home: Many visitors compare this district to places in Europe.

There are many free events in Boston beyond cultural celebrations. You can catch a glimpse of the stunning fall foliage throughout the city and on colorful display at Boston Common and the Arnold Arboretum. In addition, the Boston Public Library operates a Museum Pass Program that makes entrance to many museums free of charge, so you can bring your kids to the Boston Museum of Science or even the New England Aquarium with this pass. If you’re heading to Boston in October, don’t miss out on the Columbus Day parade. These events remind visitors of the patriotism and national pride that is still such a part of daily life in this city.

Halloween is another great time for Boston events. Ghost-hunting, haunted houses, and ghost tours are set up all in celebration of the spooky holiday. The fun continues through the fall and early winter up until Christmas and New Year's. First Night Boston, a New Year's Celebration, has something planned for every type of local and traveler. Whether winter or summer restaurant week, a baseball game at Fenway Park, or Saint Patrick’s Day in Boston brings you to the city, you are sure to discover much more than you arrived to see. Your trip will be full of history, culture, and fun—and it will only cost what you plan it to.

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