Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the legendary home of the Boston Red Sox. Opened in 1912, the famous venue is associated with many of baseball's greatest characters, including Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Duffy Lewis, Harry Hopper, Joe Cronin and Ted Williams. Fenway Park is actually the oldest Major League Baseball stadium in use, and if the outfield walls could talk, what stories they might tell. It's easy to get lost in the history of the place when you enter its hallowed grounds, and judging by the modern day crowds, the hometown team is as revered as ever. Add it all up, and Fenway Park is undeniably one of the best places in the country to see a sporting event.

Fenway Park Boston has seen some bad times, yet it always bounces back. The first of its tragedies happened on May 8, 1926 just 14 years after the stadium first opened. A fire broke out and consumed the bleachers that ran along left field. These seats never got replaced. The owner at the time, John Quinn, had what little was left of the bleachers hauled out of the stadium and never rebuilt them. Fenway Park Boston was purchased by a new owner in 1933 and a major overhaul took place until a second fire desecrated the stadium over 5 hours. Little was left standing. Since then Fenway Park Boston has enjoyed some restructuring and today it remains the proud home of the beloved Boston Red Sox.

From standing room to coveted dug-out seats Fenway Park tickets run the gamut from $12 all the way over $300. There are numerous Fenway Park tickets available depending on which seats are preferred. The dug-out boxes run right along the field, pavilion boxes are behind those, and one row further back are the right field roof boxes. The bleachers sit at the opposite side while to the left of those are the right field regular boxes. There are a numerous assortment of other seats in the stadium to choose from.

Things to do at the stadium don't stop at baseball. Fenway Park tickets are not only sold for baseball games, but also for other events such as festivals, concerts and other celebrations. Fenway Park hosts events in its assorted facilities, including dining, all year long. Inside the famous building, there's the Absolut Clubhouse, the EMC Club restaurant serving 5 star cuisine, the Budweiser Right Field Roof, luxury suites with full views of the playing field, and more.

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