Sam Adams Brewery

The Sam Adams Brewery is one of the highlights of the trip for any beer-lover traveling to Boston. This Boston brewery is the home of the famous Samuel Adams beer, produced by the Boston Beer Company, the biggest beer company in America. In addition to sampling the fine food during a trip to New England, a stop here allows you to enjoy some of the country's best and most well-known microbrewed beer in the US. The brewery is located south of the Brookline area, just a few miles away from attractions such as Fenway Park and the Museum of Fine Arts, and while it's a long walk for some travelers to get there by foot, it's easily reached via rental car or public transportation.

The Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston has a long and venerable tradition. The secret family recipe that became the original Samuel Adams beer was developed in 1860 in St. Louis, Missouri, by Louis Koch. The beer was sold under the name Louis Koch Lager intermittently until the 1950s, when it appeared that the family recipe was in danger of disappearing, languishing for years in the Koch family attic. Fortunately for the future of the Boston brewery, this was not to be the case. Five generations after Louis Koch developed the original recipe, the beer was revived by Jim Koch, who held three degrees from Harvard University. Finally, in 1984, Jim Koch realized that the market was ripe for mass distribution of microbrewed or craft beers, and revived his great-great-grandfather's original recipe, distributing it to Boston restaurants and bars under the name Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Jim Koch decided to name the beer after famous Revolutionary patriot Samuel Adams, not only because of Adams' status as a Revolutionary hero, but also because Adams had inherited a brewery from his father.

Sam Adams beer soon caught, and Jim Koch and his partners were able to build a small Boston brewery in 1988, naming it after the patriot. They were soon selling 36,000 barrels of the beer every year. Soon, the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston was also producing several varieties of beer, introducing innovation and exploration into the beer market. The company has since expanded to include 350 employees and another, larger brewery located in Cincinnati. Beers produced by the Sam Adams Brewery have won more awards than any other beer company in American history.

Today visitors to the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston can see how the beer is made and even sample the famous beer for themselves (undoubtedly the most anticipated part of the tour). The Sam Adams Brewery tour is offered roughly every 45 minutes Monday to Saturday, though make sure you check the opening and closing times, and a small donation is requested. After a short introductory video that explains the history of the company, tour groups are led throughout the brewery while learning about how the beers are made as well as various Samuel Adams beer trivia. Finally, in the beer-tasting hall, visitors are allowed to sample four products produced by the Boston beer company. Of course, the visit is not complete without a visit to the gift shop, where various Sam Adams souvenirs can be found—and they might be the perfect gift for family and friends.

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