Things to Do with Kids in Boston

If you're wondering whether there are things to do with kids in Boston, the answer is a definite YES. While some cities are too large, crowded, and unmanageable to truly enjoy a family vacation, this isn’t the case in Boston. Boston kids activities include visiting a children’s museum, taking a spooky ghost tour, or hopping aboard a boat for an educational and fun afternoon. Kids attractions in Boston are a great opportunity for parents to combine entertainment and learning, so give your kids a foundation of knowledge about the American Revolution and beyond with a family trip to Boston.

Some of the best children’s activities in Boston are also loads of fun for adults. The kids are sure to love receiving tickets to a baseball game at Fenway Park, but adults who have never been will enjoy visiting this famous landmark as well. The Freedom Trail will leave the kids excited to be following a modern-day yellow brick road and adults will enjoy all the history along the journey, such as the historic graveyards and the Old North Church. The Boston Museum of Science will fascinate your kids, and the exhibits are sure to impress adults as well.

Families planning meals also don’t need to worry about things to do with kids in Boston. While there is a large range of fine dining for adults to enjoy on their own, there are also a variety of family-friendly and affordable restaurants in the city. Adults can enjoy a local craft ale while kids dig in to burgers and fries. Some Boston kids activities can also include food, such as a stop at the famous ice cream shop JP Licks. Kids—and adults—won’t know where to begin choosing a flavor to try, and most likely they’ll beg you to bring them back for round 2!

Some of the top kids attractions in Boston are educational, and be sure to fit these in between the ice cream and ghost tours. The Boston Children’s Museum has fascinating exhibits for kids of all ages and includes some characters they might recognize, such as Curious George. The museum also hosts parties for kids if you’re looking for someplace special to celebrate a birthday. Of all the things to do with kids in Boston, the Children’s Museum engages all of their senses and promises to be a learning experience at the same time. For older kids, spend a few hours at the Museum of Fine Arts, and let them choose the exhibits they want to check out.

One of the spookiest Boston kids activities is also an educational one. Ghost tours in Boston are walking tours through graveyards and locations where exciting moments in history occurred. Listen to tour guides share stories of witch trials, ghost sightings, and tales of the American Revolution. These kids attractions in Boston will leave your family with a new appreciation of just how cool history can be. After visiting the New England Aquarium, Paul Revere House, and the Bunker Hill Monument, everyone in the family will be looking forward to your next trip to Boston.

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