Boston Walking Tours

The choice to make about Boston walking tours is not if you should take one, but which one to take! Boston is a great city for walking, and many of the best attractions can only truly be appreciated on foot with a close-up look. Trolley tours may help you cover great distances, and harbor tours are a great way to relax, but a walking tour of Boston will bring you to the exciting nooks and crannies you traveled to see. The most famous option is the Freedom Trail walking tour. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile red brick trail that leads visitors to sixteen significant attractions in Boston. You can follow the red brick trail to museums, churches, graveyards, and historical monuments independently, or you can join a walking tour where a guide will help to illuminate what you’re seeing and its significance from the American Revolution through the present.

If you’ve never visited the city before, Boston walking tours are the perfect place to begin. You can gain an understanding of the basic layout of the city, make a mental note as to what attractions you want to see in more detail later, and keep your eye out for appealing restaurants. Many companies offer a walking tour of Boston daily during the warmer months, with limited (but able to be arranged) tours during the winter months. Popular companies for walking tours include Boston By Foot and Walking Tours of Historic Boston. You can make your reservations in advance or ask reception at your hotel for a recommendation. After taking the historical Freedom Trail Walking Tour, you can also treat your kids—or yourself—to a ghost tour after dark for a spooky experience.

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