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If you’re wondering when to go to Boston, it all depends on what you have in mind for your trip. This popular American destination draws tourists year-round, with great flows of people arriving in the summer. There are reasons for Boston travel all year long, from the food and wine festivals of the winter to the outdoor markets of the summer. The Boston seasons are a factor to consider when planning your trip, especially if you don’t fare well in the cold. Boston winters are known for being especially harsh, but some travelers won’t mind as they enjoy the indoor activities of city including theater, museums, gourmet restaurants, and traditional pubs.

For travelers planning their first trip to Boston, it might be best to avoid the coldest months of December through March. During this period, the city can often be covered with snow. Although it is a beautiful sight to see, snow can also make transportation difficult, and some shops or restaurants might be closed. The city generally copes with snowfall with expertise, but that doesn’t mean this option will appeal to all travelers. Many of Boston’s top attractions are outdoors and within walking distance of one another, and a great deal of the pleasure of Boston travel is the opportunity to stroll along the harbor or the Freedom Trail.

On the other hand, the coldest of Boston seasons does bring discounts at hotels. Airfare to Boston can be consistently expensive throughout the year, but saving on a great hotel gets any trip started on a positive note. Travelers considering when to go to Boston should be aware that the city offers a great variety of indoor activities. For instance, you might take a tour of the Sam Adams brewery or visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Families will have a fun day at the New England Aquarium, or they can learn about American history at Paul Revere House. If these indoor activities don’t strike your fancy, plan your trip to Boston during a different time of year.

Of all Boston seasons, fall is the favorite of many travelers. The city turns vibrant colors of orange and red as the leaves fall, and the crisp air is pleasant while the crowds are light. During the autumn, the high season of summer has ended, and prices for hotels have retreated to normal levels. Other travelers cite spring as their favorite season in Boston, when the tulips and other flowers bloom in Boston Common and the crowds still haven’t yet arrived for the summer. Depending on the year, spring can come late to the city, so be ready for the fact that you might plan a trip to Boston in April only to be greeted by snow upon your arrival!

For some visitors, Boston travel isn’t all pleasure. Each spring athletes arrive for the Boston Marathon. Other seasonal attractions include cultural programs in the winter, and programs designed for kids during the school-free summer months. As you decide when to go to Boston, keep in mind factors such as the weather, festivals, and crowd levels. The budget-conscious traveler will find great deals in winter, with exceptions of the Christmas season and New Year's. There is plenty to enjoy in this cosmopolitan city all year long, depending on the type of Boston trip you envision, so you're sure to enjoy it, no matter when you plan to arrive.

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