Cape Cod Beach Rentals

Cape Cod beach rentals are in serious demand during the summer season, so anyone hoping to secure one during this period will want to book well in advance of their arrival time. It's not hard to see why these properties go so fast when it's warm out. For starters, Cape Cod has some of the best beaches in the country, and when you consider everything that the various rentals have to offer, it becomes clear that they deliver fantastic vacation possibilities.

The number of vacation rentals in Cape Cod is large, and this bodes well for those who wish to enjoy a home away from home while visiting. Being that this is an island, many of the rentals are found on the water, and inland lakes only add more waterfront options for prospective renters. At Wequaquet Lake in Barnstable, for example, you will find some lovely Cape Cod cottages that can make for excellent retreats at any time of year.

The various towns and villages that are spread across Cape Cod offer their own unique flavor, and since many offer waterfront vacation rental properties, visitors can choose accordingly depending on their wants and needs. When adding a whale watching cruise to the itinerary is among the primary goals, for example, it can be a good idea to look for beach houses in and around Provincetown or Barnstable Harbor, while those who are interested in side trips to Nantucket might prefer a rental that is closer to the Hyannis Harbor. These are just some of the things to think about.

The Cape Cod beach rentals, regardless of the town that they call home, are enticing for many different reasons. A full kitchen almost always comes standard and can be very convenient. Many properties also feature washers, dryers, home entertainment centers, and plenty of space for entertaining. The larger and more expensive Cape Cod waterfront rentals can also have a private beach for guests to enjoy, and this is the ultimate for anyone who is planning on enjoying a lot of relaxing beach time.

While the larger home rentals that can be found on the waters of Cape Cod are extremely enticing, they are also very expensive on the whole. It usually costs a few thousand dollars to rent most of the larger waterfront homes for a week, and should you be interested in the more luxurious properties, you might be surprised by how much higher the price tag can go. This is where the Cape Cod cottages come in. Smaller and more economical are cottage rentals, and they also tend to have a certain amount of quaint charm, especially in New England destinations such as Cape Cod. This lends itself especially well to couples who are enjoying romantic Cape Cod getaways. Many of the Cape Cod cottages offer two bedrooms and can thus be great for small families and small groups of friends as well.

Families with younger kids are especially encouraged to consider the Cape Cod beach rentals, and there are some main reasons for this. At the island's B&Bs and inns, children are allowed, though it's not usually the best environment for them. These kinds of lodging establishments are geared more towards adults, while rentals allow families to unwind in a more comfortable manner. Also, the waterfront rentals are on or very close to the water, and most kids will love this feature, as will most adults. Special beach passes for resident-only beaches that can be found in the area are often part of the amenity package at the Cape Cod waterfront rentals, so you can keep this in mind as well when planning your stay.



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