Cape Cod Cruises

Cape Cod cruises come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and being that this is an island destination, they are quite popular among tourists. Many of the cruises that are available in Cape Cod are pre-arranged excursions that revolve around sightseeing and maybe a few other activities. Dinner cruises are also very popular in and around Cape Cod, and if you don't fancy a pre-arranged adventure that is open to the general public, local charters are in place to help you set your own itinerary.

Cape Cod has long been a major boating destination, and this is largely due to the various harbors that are found along its extensive coastline. These harbors are well protected from the rougher waters of the open Atlantic and include the harbors in Provincetown, Barnstable, and Hyannis. Of all the Cape Cod harbors, the one in Hyannis is the most popular for recreational boating, and it is also one of the best spots to arrange fun cruises. Many of the Hyannis Harbor tours stick to the harbor waters, and among the main sights that they highlight are the famed Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port.

Up in Barnstable Harbor, which is situated on the north coast of Cape Cod, taking whale watching cruises is among the top things to do. May through October is the peak whale watching season off the Massachusetts coast, and among the species that are most commonly viewed during this period are humpback whales and fin whales. Onboard naturalists are almost always available to offer insight into the creatures that are spotted on Cape Cod whale watching cruises, and some cruises feature tantalizing dining experiences to add even more quality to the overall picture. Special clambake cruises that include whale watching are just one possibility.

When looking for things to do in Cape Cod, you might keep the canal and river cruises in mind. On Cape Cod Canal cruises, guests pass under the two bridges that connect the island to the mainland. They also get to admire a variety of interesting boats that are docked along the way, and the history of the Cape Cod Canal is told by a narrator. The point of origin for the Cape Cod Canal cruises is the Town Pier in Onset Bay. This pier is just a couple miles north of the Bourne Bridge.

As for the Cape Cod river cruises, they take to the waters of Bass River, as well as Grand Cove and Weir Creek. The custom-built boat that is used for the excursions has a flat-bottom, so you shouldn't expect to get seasick, and among the things that you can expect to see along are herons, egrets, and terns. Lovely waterfront estates can also be viewed on these cruises, and you'll even have the chance to check out a lighthouse and some windmills.

The possibilities really are quite extensive when it comes to the Cape Cod cruises. There are even excursions that can involve things like jet skiing on the side, as is the case at the Sesuit Harbor in Dennis, and should you be enjoying a romantic Cape Cod getaway, a sunset cruise aboard a yacht can be a wonderful thing. Local cruise operators offer trips to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island, should these be intended destinations while in the region.

Some Cape Cod cruises depart from mainland destinations, with Boston being just one option. On a Cape Cod cruise from Boston, you can avoid the summer car traffic that so many visitors have dealt with for years on end. The arrival point for these cruises is Provincetown Harbor, while the departure point is downtown Boston's Long Wharf. You can more specifically find this wharf next to the New England Aquarium. The trip only takes around 90 minutes. Onboard amenities help to make the voyage an enjoyable one, and concierges are in place to provide info on all kinds of things, such as the Cape Cod restaurants and accommodation options.



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