Provincetown Massachusetts

Provincetown is a sheltered harbor town sitting on a sandbank at the northern tip of land north of Cape Cod and has a small local population of under 4,000 people. Provincetown harbor was the Mayflower's first arrival point in 1620 and the first Mayflower Compact was signed here. By mid 19th century, 200 years after the first permanent settlement, Provincetown enjoyed a reputation as being a prime fishing, maritime and commercial heart of Cape Cod.

Writers and artists began arriving in the Provincetown Massachusetts by the end of the 19th century attracted by the seaside beauty of the place and began its now well known reputation of being a home and retreat for many novelists, journalists and poets. This artistic environment gave birth to the very first American school of art and modern American theater in Provincetown Massachusetts. Today the number of well-cared for historical buildings and the allure of a salty-aired seaside retreat encourages a great tourist and summer home enterprise in Provincetown Massachusetts.

Provincetown MA offers tourists plenty of things to do and see. The town is surrounded by dunes and National Parks making it a classic tourist destination. Attractions and things to do include, the Pilgrim Monument, Race Point Beach, The Passions Gallery, the Portugese Festival, dune trekking, excellent biking trails, whale watching and fabulous beaches. When not feeling industrious Provincetown offers the perfect backdrop in which to just take it easy and relax.

The best time to visit Provincetown MA is sometime between May to September when the weather and beach life is at its best. It becomes very busy in Provincetown MA during the summer season. May to August sees the busiest time and weekend traffic during then can be extremely backed up and unbearable. Some lodging here requires a minimum stay of 7 days during peak times so check before booking. During the winter season Provincetown MA has very low temperatures and receives a lot of snow. Ideal only for a winter lover!

Provincetown restaurants offer some of the finest cuisine available in the area. Front Street restaurant owned by two local women who do most of the final cooking has received rave reviews about its creativity, presentation, ample portions and most important of all, taste.

Ciro&Sals is another of Provincetown restaurants that receives fantastic reviews of its Northern Italian cuisine from locals and visitors. First founded in 1951 as a coffee shop, both owners had met in Provincetown while studying painting and needed to fund their studies. From coffee shop to acclaimed restaurant, this one's a town favorite as well. The Commons Bistro and Bar is another popular haunt in Provincetown restaurants. With a sidewalk cafe, ambient, relaxed dining room and the only wood-fire oven in town, the menu boasts lobster club sandwiches, gourmet pizzas, fantastic seafood paella and creative and tasty baked goods.

Unique seaside destinations have continuously been hunted for by the beach-savvy tourists. There's something about just being near the sea that sets a pace of life not found in mainland cities and towns. Something in the salty air leaves locals and tourists at their best and Provincetown is no exception. It's unique New England charm, array of sea activities and the towns convenient and well thought out amenities keep this a Cape Cod favorite.

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