Things to Do in Cape Cod

Things to do in Cape Cod revolve mostly around the warmer season, but that doesn't mean that winter, early spring, and late fall aren't good times to visit. The island maintains its charm throughout the year, the festive holiday season period can certainly be a good time to drop by for some fun and cheer.

Things to do in Cape Cod in June

June pretty much kicks off the prime tourist season in Cape Cod. Late June especially is when the beaches start to really get in demand, and conditions are ripe for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking. Also helping to make June a wonderful time to visit Cape Cod are the fun events. The beginning of the renowned Cape Cod Baseball League season is just one example. This is also a month when all of the major Cape Cod attractions are open. These attractions include the JFK Hyannis Museum in downtown Hyannis and the Highland Lighthouse in Truro.

Things to do in Cape Cod in July

July and August are the absolute peak times of year when it comes to Cape Cod tourism. Great beach weather is near guaranteed, at least on most days, and the fishing is also excellent. In July, Cape Cod cruises are popular and can see visitors venturing off to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket on the side. On the events side of things, the 4th of July is certainly celebrated with great fervor across the island, and there are plenty of other things to celebrate throughout the month.

Things to do in Cape Cod in August

The main Cape Cod attractions are the island's beaches, so it's not hard to understand why the hot month of August is such a popular time to visit. By this point, the cooler waters of the Atlantic Ocean have warmed to a much more suitable temperature for swimming, which helps to make the Cape Cod National Seashore a splendid place to spend at least a little time. The warmer waters of Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Bay also beckon, and when a break from the sand is in order, there are plenty of festivals around the island that can be fun to attend. One such event is the Celebration of the Arts Festival in South Yarmouth. Held at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, it features more than 40 local artists selling various works.

Things to do in Cape Cod in September, October, and November

In the early fall, going to the beach is still one of the most popular things to do in Cape Cod, at least if an unwelcome cold front hasn't moved in. This is also a great season for sightseeing tours, as New England in general is known for its amazing fall colors. May through October is the whale watching season on Cape Cod, so early fall visitors can still look to add a tour to the agenda.

Shops figure among the main Cape Cod attractions, and it should be noted that in the fall, October especially, many of them have big time sales as they prepare to close down for the winter season. As such, fall can be a shopper's delight on the island. There's also Thanksgiving, and this brings the renowned Falmouth versus Barnstable high school football game, not to mention the opportunity to celebrate over a big dinner spread.

Things to do in Cape Cod in December, January, and February

While most of the Cape Cod attractions shut down during the winter, it can nonetheless be a good time to visit. Gone are most other tourists, and since a good amount of locals take off for warmer destinations, the island is very relaxed and tranquil in general. This is also a great time to visit because of the holiday season. Various towns and villages across the island, such as Chatham and Sandwich, celebrate Christmas in style, and especially in Provincetown, the New Year's celebrations can be quite lively.

Things to do in Cape Cod in March, April, and May

Spring is when the blossoms start to bloom on Cape Cod and the colder temperatures of winter start to become a thing of the ever-increasingly distant past. While March is relatively quiet, April sees tourists returning in larger number, partly because of the warming weather and Easter. Spring break visitors are also relatively common, and in May, the whale watching season begins. On warmer spring days, strolls on the beach can be very rewarding, and much like summer and early fall, recreational activities such as camping, golfing, and biking can be very pleasurable. Campgrounds, golf courses, and bike trails are certainly among the top Cape Cod attractions and can thankfully be enjoyed throughout most of the year.



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