Cape Cod Vacations

Cape Cod Vacations
Cape Cod Vacations  Image: Tim Grafft/MOTT

Cape Cod vacations have been popular for more than 100 years. An island found just off the Massachusetts mainland, Cape Cod offers many wonderful beaches that are at their absolute prime during the months of July and August. Complementing the beaches are some picturesque lighthouses, and it doesn't hurt that the island is steeped in historic charm. There's something for everyone on Cape Cod, and should time allow, a quick jaunt over to Martha's Vineyard and/or Nantucket might be in order.

Cape Cod vacations can revolve around all kinds of fun things to do, such as hanging out at the beach. A major East Coast beach vacation destination, Cape Cod boasts some of the most pristine strips of sand that you will find anywhere. It is also home to some great beach hotels, as well as some coveted vacation rental properties that have their own private beaches. Wherever you stay on the island, you won't be far from a good beach, and some hotels even offer complimentary shuttle service to some of the finest beaches in their local area. Such is the case with the Chatham Bars Inn, which also has its own beach and is among the best Cape Cod luxury hotels.

Beach enthusiasts aren't the only ones who are encouraged to look into Cape Cod vacations. Golfers can tee it up on some world-class courses while on the island, and there are a few Cape Cod resorts that either have their own courses or are close to one. Tennis courts also figure among the facilities at some of the Cape Cod hotels, as do spas, and also worth highlighting is the island's fantastic fishing. Local fishing guides can take you to all the right spots, and set you up with all the equipment that you will need while taking care of the license requirement as well.

While planning Cape Cod vacations, prospective visitors might keep an eye on the events schedule. During the warmer months especially, a variety of fun festivals and other kinds of events are held all over the island. They include the long-running Barnstable County Fair, which is held in East Falmouth and has been going strong for more than 160 years.

Summer might be the peak Cape Cod travel season, but there really isn't a bad time to visit when it comes down to it. A room with an ocean view is still pleasant, even if it's too cold to swim. Granted, many of the top attractions close down during the cold winter season, but spring and fall can surely be excellent times to spend some time on the island. Also, winter does bring the holiday season, which is a relatively popular time to visit for families especially.

Cape Cod Rentals

Cape Cod Rentals

The Cape Cod rentals total in the thousands, and when you consider everything that they offer, it's not hard to understand why they are so popular. One of the best things that Cape Cod rental properties boast is proximity to some great beaches, and it is the very strips of sand around the island that are mostly responsible for the summer tourist season. Cape Cod summer rentals go as fast as rentals can go, and since they are usually booked months in advance, staying ahead of the game is the recommended tactic.

The Cape Cod summer rentals almost always have a minimum stay of around a week. This shouldn't be an issue, however, as you'll arguably want at least a week to explore the island. Rental cars are available for those who arrive without their own vehicles, and regardless of the vehicle, those who secure a rental property can expect guest parking options. They can also expect to have the option of securing special beach passes for the beaches that are found in the same town as their rental. Many of the Cape Cod beaches are off limits to tourists who don't have such passes.

When choosing Cape Cod rentals, there are various things to keep in mind. Location has a lot to do with things on many occasions, and there is good reason for this. The various towns and villages offer their own atmospheres and appeal. Provincetown is quite diverse and known for its gay-friendly environment, for example, and Chatham caters to discerning travelers with its upscale edge. Perhaps the secluded nature of Wellfleet will pique your interest, or maybe you'll prefer a stay in busier Falmouth.

Many of the Cape Cod condos and apartments can be found in the popular destination of Provincetown, but regardless of where you find them, the rates should prove enticing. Together with cottages, the Cape Cod apartments and condos offer the lowest rental rates on average. They also tend to offer a lot of the amenities that the more expensive home rentals have to offer. These amenities generally include things such as kitchen facilities, a TV with a VCR or DVD player, and a clean private bath. Fireplaces are also common amenities in the Cape Cod rentals, and they help to make off season stays enticing.

The Cape Cod summer rentals aren't only summer rentals. Well, some are, while others are open throughout the year or during most of it. A lovely waterfront rental can be splendid in any season when it comes down to it, and the Cape is a great place for family gatherings during the holiday season. These are just some ideas, and it doesn't hurt that the Cape Cod lodging rates go down considerably outside of the peak summer season. Also, during the other seasons, it isn't as hard to find lodging, especially last-minute lodging. This lends itself well to spontaneous Cape Cod getaways.

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