Cape Cod Weddings

Cape Cod weddings can be truly wonderful affairs, and while many couples look to have a summer Cape Cod beach wedding ceremony, there really isn't a bad time to tie the knot on this scenic island. In fact, weddings are held throughout the year on Cape Cod, and this is largely due to the fact that the winters are typically milder than on the mainland.

People have been taking vacations on the Massachusetts island of Cape Cod for decades on end, and long has this coveted destination also been a popular wedding destination. Numerous strips of sand that are wonderfully pristine can easily set the stage for unforgettable Cape Cod beach weddings, and as far as reception venues are concerned, the list of possibilities is rather long. Many couples opt to have their receptions at one of the many Cape Cod hotels, and renting a home with ample room for entertaining is also popular. The most attractive Cape Cod rentals have their own private beaches, so the bride, the groom, and all the guests won't have to go far to get to the reception tables after vows are made.

Cape Cod has some of the oldest communities in the country, and found within these communities are historic homes that offer a romantic glimpse into the past. Some, such as the Elnathan Nye House in North Falmouth, are available for wedding events and can make for fine venues. Churches, some with a very historical appeal, can also be considered, especially for the wedding ceremony, and for those who are looking for interesting reception ideas, various Cape Cod cruise companies can help couples arrange a fun after-wedding party out on the water.

One of the best part about Cape Cod weddings is the fact that the honeymoon can begin as soon as the ceremony and reception are over. No hopping on a plane and traveling what might be a rather long distance just to get to a place to relax. Of course, it is also possible for couples to get married elsewhere and then treat themselves to Cape Cod honeymoons. The living is good at many a Cape Cod resort, and there are many comfortable and romantic vacation rentals to choose from. Also, couples can hope to add things such as quality beach time, sunset cruises, romantic meals for two, and relaxing spa treatments to any Cape Cod honeymoon agenda.

When planning Cape Cod weddings, couples can hook up with local wedding planners, or they can go it alone. Wedding planners can either work by themselves or be affiliated with one of the island's hotels, and they pretty much take care of everything. They can even help couples figure out what is required of them in relation to getting a marriage license and such. Also worth noting is the fact that many Cape Cod hotels offer special wedding packages for couples to take advantage of.

In Massachusetts, proof of age, most often via a passport and/or birth certificate is needed when applying for a marriage license. As for where to apply for this license, it is necessary to appear in person at any Massachusetts town or city hall. In general, both the bride and the groom must be eighteen years old, though minors can get married as long as they obtain a proper court order from their home town or city.

Regardless of the age situation, a fee must be paid when applying for a marriage license in Massachusetts, and there is a three-day waiting period to actually get the license. This waiting period can be waived by a court under special circumstances. Once the license is granted, the couple in question must get married within 60 days for it to remain legal. There are no residency requirements to get married in Cape Cod or Massachusetts in general.

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