Cape Cod Tourism

Cape Cod tourism used to revolve around the summer season almost exclusively, but these days, more and more people are realizing the benefits of a shoulder season visit. As things stand, summer is still the peak Cape Cod travel season, however, and this has a lot to do with the island's beautiful beaches.

Miles and miles of pristine beaches are found along the Cape Cod coastline, and once summer rolls around, they become extra appealing. Right around mid-May is when the beach season starts to get under way, though it doesn't really heat up until July. August is the peak of the peak season, and thus the busiest Cape Cod travel month. Excellent beach weather is pretty much guaranteed in both July and August, so they are the very best months for Cape Cod beach vacations.

If you wish to avoid the July and August crowds, yet you still want to enjoy some quality beach time, most of June is a relatively quiet month on the island. The Cape Cod weather is usually warm in June, and the same can be said about early September, thus making both periods good times to take more relaxed Cape Cod beach vacations.

Spring and fall are considered the shoulder seasons in Cape Cod, and they can be wonderful times to visit. For starters, spring brings blossoming buds, while fall offers up the colorful foliage that New England is so well-known for. Another reason to consider a spring or fall visit are the reduced lodging costs, and it doesn't hurt that most of the top attractions are open. Also worth noting is that spring and fall can pretty much be just as good as summer for things like hiking, biking, whale watching, and any other number of fun outdoor activities. The whale watching season actually runs from May to October, so it includes parts of three different seasons.

While winter might not be regarded as a prime Cape Cod tourism season, it can still be a wonderful time to drop in for some fun and relaxation. Many of the main towns around the island, such as Chatham and Falmouth, put on warming holiday season festivals, and delightful decorations abound all over. The holiday season on Cape Cod is an especially good time for families to gather, and couples seeking out ideas for a romantic winter escape might also find favor with it.

Regardless of the makeup of your group, you're likely to notice that fellow Cape Cod tourists are rare during the winter season, at least from about the second week in January to the early part of March. In other words, January through March is the best time to go if you want to avoid crowds of any real measure.

The Cape Cod weather certainly influences many people's travel decisions, but it isn't the only thing worth thinking about. The Cape Cod events schedule offers up many enjoyable festivals and other fun affairs, with summer again being the peak season. Winter isn't devoid of festivals and other events, however, and both spring and fall offer up plenty of events for both residents and visitors to contemplate. One of the very best Cape Cod events is the Barnstable County Fair, which is held in East Falmouth. It's been going strong for more than 160 years, and tens of thousands venture over to the Cape every July to enjoy it.

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