On top of the many places to dine, shop, hike, bike, camp, whale watch, ski, golf, fish and vacation, in Massachusetts event happenings occur all year long in the favored state in New England. If going to see a particular Massachusetts event be sure to make all bookings and reservations ahead of time so you don't miss out on the Massachusetts event you really want to take part in.

A popular and fun Massachusetts event is the Nantucket Film Festival hosted every year in mid-June in Nantucket where you can see engaging films right on the island. In July the New Bedford Summerfest is a popular Massachusetts event as is the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival held in Northampton in July. The Bromfield Antiques and Collectibles show is a Massachusetts event that draws thousands of collectors annually and the Cambridge River Festival, held alongside the Charles River, occurs annually in the middle of June.

There are an astounding number of Boston events that occur throughout the year and many attract visitors from all over the country. In January the infamous Wine Festival begins and the Chinese New Year Gala kicks off. February brings about the time for romance and flowers and the Valentine's Day Concert is popular among Boston events in February and features symphony artists and local talent at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. St. Patrick's Day is a grandiose celebration and one of the Boston events you won't want to miss this time of year. The International Boston Seafood Show premieres in March as well.

April is a busy time in the city as world famous Boston Marathon begins and thousands of people come out to cheer on the determined and perseverant runners. A favored community Boston event in June is the Free Friday Flicks at Hatch Shell, Boston's outdoor concert venue, where locals and visitors converge on Fridays to watch free classic movies.

In July you can come out and watch the best chefs in Boston battle it out for "Boston's Best Chowder" which is an enjoyable Boston event where Chowderfest-goers taste the recipes and decide for themselves which truly is the tastiest one. In September the culinary celebration Taste of Boston takes place and includes music, food and wine tasting from over 20 wineries.

Historical events in Massachusetts are widely celebrated. The Boston Tea Party Re-Enactment of December 16,1773 has residents dressed up in Colonial outfits and re-enact that famed day in history. Bastille Day is another of the significant historical events in Massachusetts and is widely celebrated in Boston. This day commemorates the 1790 FÊte de la Fédération which is held on July 14, 1789, the first anniversary of the storming of Bastille.

And perhaps the most significant of historical events in Massachusetts and throughout the USA. is Independence Day on July 4. This annual event has taken place for the last 231 years and is a memorial to July 4, 1776 when the USA claimed independence from Britain and democracy was born. Everywhere in the country the anniversary of this significant historical event is celebrated, usually with a grand show of fireworks.



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