Gloucester Massachusetts

Gloucester has historically been and remains a working city with the ocean as its fundamental backbone. Originally the city was named La Beauport when French explorer Samuel de Champlain reached the shores of Gloucester in 1604 after the time of the Vikings. The harbors arrangement and immediacy to the ocean waters has allowed the city a flourishing fishing industry and the creation of many jobs. Often the book The Perfect Storm is associated with Gloucester by locals and tourists and will give visitors a good idea of what life's like in this ocean side city.

Gloucester Massachusetts is an internationally acclaimed artist's association, home to a significant Portuguese community, and enjoys one of the last remaining fishing fleets in New England. There are a number of historical points of interest in Gloucester Massachusetts and even a half day or days walk wandering around the city and taking in the daily life of the locals is a great way to spend some time. Many people combine a visit to Gloucester Massachusetts with a trip to the lovely seaside village of Rockport.

Gloucester is located just north of Salem and about an hour's drive from Boston. The best times for Gloucester travel are the early spring, late summer and early fall. These times provide respite from the summers blazing heat and crowds of people. Weather along the coast can be very beautiful although sometimes, being in an ocean side location, it can be slightly unpredictable. When planning your Gloucester travel, keep in mind that Boston is the central hub for flights and services the majority of flights that arrive in the immediate area.

Once in Gloucester there are numerous attractions worth taking a look at. Hammond Castle is one of them. John Hayes Hammond Jr. had men gather bits and pieces of castles found around the world to creative this innovative building which stands with authority at the edge of Gloucester harbor. Whale watching is the biggest attraction during Gloucester travel and the best time to do this is between May-October when whales are most active in the area. Watching these majestic mammals swim alongside your boat is an unbelievable experience in itself. Put on by the Italian American community of Gloucester, St. Peter's Fiesta which celebrates the patron saint every year at the end of June is a fun festival to take part in and has great entertainment, food and community spirit.

Visitors to the area will enjoy the picturesque, seaside setting of Cape Ann, the island on which both Gloucester and the town of Rockport are located. Cape Ann is well-known for festivals packed with fun and excitement. Live entertainment, music, dance, theater and arts and crafts are just a few things that define the local festivals. There are more than fifteen beautiful beaches in the area where visitors can enjoy numerous water activities or just chill out in the warm sunshine. There are a lot of historical lighthouses and coves in the area to explore and whale watching is really popular from Cape Ann as well.

Tours run often in Gloucester and Rockport, including whale watching, fishing, river cruises, trolley tours of the town and many guided walking tours of historical points of interest. Accommodation in the two island towns comes in the form of waterfront apartments, cottages, hotels, inns, guesthouses bed and breakfasts and more, and most enjoy a quaint flavor that defines the area in many ways. A visit to Cape Ann will not disappoint. Tourists have been visiting the towns on this island for a long time, returning for the great community arts and entertainment, wonderful beaches and lots of things to do for everyone.

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