Martha’s Vineyard Ferries

The Martha's Vineyard ferries are often full to capacity during the peak summer season, as many beach vacationers look to get to the island. Numerous ferries make trips to Martha's Vineyard during the summer season, and while most embark from other Massachusetts destinations, it is possible to pick one up in Rhode Island and New York. The Rhode Island ferries that are destined for Martha's Vineyard shove off at Quonset Point, while the New York ferries that carry passengers to the island embark from both Montauk and New York City.

Martha's Vineyard Ferry from New Bedford

When trying to get from mainland Massachusetts to Martha's Vineyard, you can try to secure a spot on a ferry departing from New Bedford. The trip out only takes about an hour, and you can arrive at one of two Martha's Vineyard destinations. These destinations include Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs. Ferries that travel between New Bedford and Martha's Vineyard are available on a daily basis throughout the year, and taking one can help you avoid the Cape Cod traffic. You can find the New Bedford State Pier Ferry Terminal at the base of Union Street in the downtown area.

Martha's Vineyard Ferry from Falmouth

Taking a ferry to Martha's Vineyard that departs from Falmouth is just one of the options if you are coming from Cape Cod. A few different ferry companies offer service to and from, and they typically run from late May to mid-October. Those looking for an Oak Bluffs ferry will be happy to know that some of the ferries that depart from Falmouth are destined for the town's harbor. You can also pick up an Edgartown ferry in Falmouth and arrive there instead. It takes about 35 minutes to get from Falmouth to Oak Bluffs by way of ferry, while the trip to Edgartown takes about an hour. These are passenger-only ferries, as is true of the Martha's Vineyard ferries that depart from New Bedford.

Martha's Vineyard Ferry from Woods Hole

If you want to take a vehicle with you to Martha's Vineyard, you'll have to load it on a ferry, as it is not possible to drive over. The only Martha's Vineyard ferries that can accommodate both passengers and vehicles are those that depart from Woods Hole. These ferries are the most popular of all, partly because of the fact that they accommodate vehicles. They also offer the best year-round service, with some twenty crossings being offered in any given day during the summer season. The larger ferries stop at Vineyard Haven before returning back to Woods Hole on the island of Cape Cod, and a one-way journey takes about 45 minutes. Some ferries also travel from Woods Hole to Oak Bluffs during late May to mid-October. The parking lot at Woods Hole fills up fast during the peak season, though other parking areas are available in the general area. Parking at least an hour before departure time is recommended, as is getting to the terminal at least half an hour before departure time. The Steamship Authority handles the ferries that travel from Woods Hole to Martha's Vineyard, and you'll want to make your reservations through them as soon as possible if you want to enjoy a summer trip.

Martha's Vineyard Ferry from Hyannis

The last remaining option when it comes to getting from Cape Cod to Martha's Vineyard by way of ferry is the port of Hyannis. Hy-Line Cruises offers ferry service from Hyannis to Oak Bluffs from early June to late September, and there are three daily trips to choose from. The journey out lasts about an hour and 45 minutes, and as is true of other Martha's Vineyard ferries, you can bring a bike onboard for an extra fee if you please.

Martha's Vineyard Ferry from Boston

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to catch a Martha's Vineyard ferry in Boston. As such, those who are trying to take a ferry to the island from somewhere else in Massachusetts will have to rely on the other ports of call. There are four of these ports to choose from, and the drive from Boston to each should only take about an hour or so depending on traffic and other variables.

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