Martha’s Vineyard Shopping

Martha's Vineyard shopping is something that can easily fill hours on end. This popular Massachusetts vacation destination offers a number of unique shops, and complementing these shops are inviting galleries. Many of the Martha's Vineyard shops and galleries are found in a few main towns, so you might focus on these destinations when looking to go on a spree. That's not to say that the other towns around the island aren't worth keeping in mind when you get the shopping bug, however. Interesting shopping experiences await virtually everywhere you go in Martha's Vineyard, and you never know what you might come across if you choose to get adventurous.

Edgartown is one of the best Martha's Vineyard shopping destinations, especially for those who are looking for variety. Main Street is the town's primary shopping strip, though avenues such as Water Street and Dock Street also offer up some alluring options. As for what you can get at these shops, the sky is virtually the limit. Fashionable apparel, fine jewelry, and antiques are just some of the things that you can purchase on an Edgartown shopping spree, and if you need a good book for the beach, there is at least one excellent bookstore in town. Many of the stores in Edgartown are high-end boutiques, as Martha's Vineyard has long been a popular vacation destination for the rich and famous. That being said, the town is home to a thrift store where you can often find some very interesting items, and there are several souvenir shops.

Another Martha's Vineyard town that offers an excellent shopping scene is Vineyard Haven. As is true of Edgartown, this town's Main Street is where many of the best shops are located, and variety is the name of the game at these shops. You can pick up some pottery, sort through some antiques, try to find that perfect sweater, a Vineyard Haven shopping spree, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps you'll be in the mood to switch things up and go seafood shopping on Beach Road. You can purchase large lobsters and succulent shrimp while shopping along the Vineyard Haven waterfront.

One of the great things about Martha's Vineyard shopping is the fact that you can find interesting opportunities nearly everywhere that you look. In the fishing village of Menemsha, for example, there is an excellent fish market on the docks, and Oak Bluffs boasts a fantastic Arts District that is home to some great galleries and studios. You'll also find the vibrant Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, and it is not to be missed. Should Native American jewelry and tribal wares pique your interest, then a visit to Aquinnah will be in order, and from late spring to early fall, fans of flea markets can find some good ones all around the island.

There is something for everyone when it comes to Martha's Vineyard shopping, and this is just one of the reasons why the island is such as popular vacation destination. When you need to take a break from shopping during your Martha's Vineyard escape, the island is home to many wonderful restaurants, and you can always treat yourself to a session at one of the spas. Of course, Martha's Vineyard has plenty to offer on the natural side as well. The beautiful beaches alone are reason enough to visit, and you can get in touch with nature at places like the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.

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