Martha’s Vineyard Tours

Martha's Vineyard tours provide numerous options for visitors to contemplate. Being that this is an island destination, tours often involve getting out on the water, though you can stick to dry land as well if you please. Partly because of the fact that they are compact, the main towns in Martha's Vineyard can be ideal for walking tours, and there is no telling how creative you could get when trying to arrange a bike tour. Regardless of your desires, there are local tour companies that can help you make the most of your visit, and if you want to go it alone, self-guided tours of all kinds are easy to plan.

Hopping on one of the Martha's Vineyard tour buses can be a good idea if you are interesting in seeing some of the island's top attractions in a relatively quick amount of time. Newcomers are especially encouraged to consider the bus tours, as they provide a wonderful introduction to the island. More often than not, the Martha's Vineyard tour buses stop at all of the main towns, and they conveniently pick passengers up right near the where the ferries dock. Among the highlights on the sightseeing bus tours, besides the main towns, are the Aquinnah Cliffs, and rare is the island tour of any kind that doesn't feature the renowned Gingerbread Cottages of Oak Bluffs. Trolley tours are also available in Martha's Vineyard, and they can be a good way to see the sights as well.

No visit to Martha's Vineyard would arguably be complete spending some quality time out on the water. A number of charter companies offer fun boat tours, the likes of which can involve things like hanging out on a quiet beach in the Elizabeth Islands, and couples can always entertain the option of taking a sunset or moonlight cruise. Some of the boat tours in Martha's Vineyard combine sightseeing with fishing, and if you choose to arrange your own private charter, there is no telling what you might be able to add to the picture. It's even possible to arrange a naturist cruise in Martha's Vineyard.

Many Martha's Vineyard tours allow the opportunity to enjoy a diverse mix of activities, and they can last more than just a few hours. In fact, a variety of multiple-day tours can be arranged through any number of travel companies, and they can involve both land and sea pursuits. On an extended tour, one day might see you visiting a lighthouse before you grab lunch at the renowned Black Dog Tavern in Vineyard Haven. The next day might involve some shopping in Oak Bluffs and a sightseeing cruise along the coast. It is impressive when you consider just how many options there are.

Aerial tours that provide a bird's-eye perspective of Martha's Vineyard are a cool way to go, as are walking tours that feature ghost stories and gossip rumors. Natural history tours that involve a canoeing excursion around Chappaquiddick Island are just one more option, and if you want to do some biking, it is possible to hit the trails in both Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod on an organized tour. Taking things further and including other New England destinations is also a possibility. Martha's Vineyard tours from Boston can last more than a week and include stops at Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island, for example.

It is possible to arrange Martha's Vineyard tours in advance. You can also wait until you get the island. The Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce offices in places like Vineyard Haven and Edgartown can provide you with tour ideas, and should you be staying at a hotel, chances are very good that the staff can help you find a tour that suits your wants and needs. Many of the island's hotels provide their guests with tourist handbooks at the very least, and these handbooks are usually accompanied by a map.

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