Martha’s Vineyard Car Rentals

Martha's Vineyard car rentals are available should you wish to have four wheels at your disposal during a visit. Of course, you can always bring your own vehicle over on one of the ferries, but this often involves waiting in long lines to board the ferry. You can park at one of the ferry terminals when looking to leave your vehicle on the mainland, and once you get to your Martha's Vineyard port of call, car rentals will be just a short walk away. Both national car rental companies and local agencies operate out of the island's three main port towns, and if you are interested, you can opt to go with a Jeep.

Those who wish to do some exploring during their Martha's Vineyard vacation are encouraged to rent a 4x4 vehicle. Many of the island's roads are dirt roads, and all-wheel drive can come in especially handy when venturing off to less visited areas, such as the eastern reaches of Chappaquiddick Island. If you are only planning on staying on the main paved roads, however, then a more standard vehicle should more than suffice. It should be mentioned that the ferry ports at Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown aren't the only places where you can find Martha's Vineyard car rentals. A few national chains operate out of the island's airport.

Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown are the busiest towns on the island of Martha's Vineyard, and they are at their busiest during the peak summer season. If you are visiting one of these towns in the summer and you don't want to deal with the increased traffic, driving isn't the only option for getting around. The Martha's Vineyard transportation options are quite complete, and taking the bus can often be the easiest way to go. Shuttle buses travel from town to town, and beach enthusiasts will be happy to know that they also visit some of the island's best public beaches. The public shuttle buses in Martha's Vineyard run regularly throughout the year, with summer being the season that has the highest frequency of service.

Biking can be just one more way of getting around in Martha's Vineyard, and you can always bring your own bike over on the ferry if you don't want to rely on rentals. Some of the Martha's Vineyard hotels and vacation rentals provide bikes for their guests to use, so you might keep this in mind when trying to find your ideal place to stay. As for renting from a shop, there are bike rental shops in Edgartown, Vineyard Haven, and Oak Bluffs. Some of the bike paths in Martha's Vineyard lead to beaches, and mountain bike rentals are available in good supply if you planning on getting off the pavement. Mopeds are also available to rent on the island.

If you want to get somewhere in Martha's Vineyard, and you don't fancy taking a bus, riding a bike, or driving yourself, taking a taxi can be a possibility. The airport and the ferry terminals are where taxis tend to congregate, and you can find permanent taxi stands next to the Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs and adjacent to the Town Wharf in Edgartown. Many of the local taxi companies use both cars and vans, so you can choose accordingly.

Anyone who wishes to venture over to Chappaquiddick Island during their Martha's Vineyard escape will find that the journey is a relatively easy one. Ferries that are Chappaquiddick bound depart from the Memorial Wharf in Edgartown during the peak June to October season, and the journey only takes about five minutes or so. The Chappaquiddick ferries can accommodate cars, mopeds, and bikes, not to mention dogs.

Image: Michele_Schaffer (flickr)
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