Martha’s Vineyard Travel

Martha's Vineyard travel reaches its peak during the summer season. In fact, this Massachusetts island's main role is that of a summer resort. That being said, a visit can prove rewarding at any time of year, especially if you are just looking for a good place to get away from it all for a while. Spring and fall are certainly good times to drop by for some island exposure, and while the list of things to do gets shorter in the winter, the relative lack of crowds can make for a peaceful escape.

Martha's Vineyard tourism revolves around many different things, though it might just be the island's beaches that attract the most visitors. Some of the best beaches in New England call Martha's Vineyard home, and they include great strips of sand such as Katama Beach and Moshup Beach. Mid-June through mid-September is the main beach season, though as long as the weather isn't too bad and you are dressed appropriately, a stroll on the sand can be fun at any time of year. The Martha's Vineyard hotels, especially beach hotels, fill up fast as summer approaches, and the lines for the ferries can be quite long. Arranging everything in advance is recommended, especially if you have a specific hotel or vacation rental in mind.

Deciding when to go to Martha's Vineyard is relatively easy. Spring, summer, and fall are all great for their own reasons, and while you might be limited as to what you can do outside during the winter, you can still enjoy the island's shops, galleries, and restaurants. Martha's Vineyard can be a fun place to do some Christmas shopping, or perhaps you are looking to get away with that special someone for Valentine's Day. The hotel rates drop considerably in the winter, which is certainly worth noting.

Should you visit Martha's Vineyard in the spring or fall, you can expect mild and comfortable weather. As for the summers, the island typically stays cooler than mainland Massachusetts destinations such as Boston. The temperatures rarely break into the 90s even during the dog days of August. In the winter months, the climate is usually milder than on the mainland. Storms are relatively common occurrences at any time of year, so a good raincoat should be packed regardless of when you go.

In addition to considering the weather and all its implications, those who are trying to make Martha's Vineyard travel plans might also keep the annual events calendar in mind. A number of fun and interesting events are held on the island throughout the year, none more popular than the late-August Agricultural Fair & Show. Maybe you'll try to attend a special benefit or fundraising event on the island. Due to the fact that Martha's Vineyard has long been a retreat for the rich and famous, you never know what might turn up on the auction block, or who you might be bidding against for that matter.

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