Fishing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts fishing is a favored sport among natives and visitors and can be enjoyed all through the year. Many anglers think that Massachusetts is just a collection of old style fishing villages such as Gloucester or New Bedford that only specialize in commercial fishing. Though commercial fishing has a long history and is very lucrative in Massachusetts, so is charter fishing in the state.

When chartering a trip for Massachusetts fishing the possibilities are endless and catching bluefish, codfish and trophy size striped bass is most definitely attainable. Both experienced and inexperienced anglers normally schedule charter fishing trips during the summer time when fishing is at its prime. Many Massachusetts fishing charters will take anglers 40 or more miles off shore where they can battle with large ocean fish for hours on end. At this point no one needs to worry about dining!

North Shores Charters offers deep sea fishing in Massachusetts from Boston to Gloucester for all angling levels. North Shore Charters boasts that "we don't take you deep sea fishing, we take you fish catching!". North Shore charters guarantees "keeper" striped bass and other large game fish when taking you deep sea fishing in Massachusetts.

Other trips available include cod, haddock, shark and tuna fishing. North Shore Charter owners are consistent winners of local Boston Deep Sea Fishing and Boston Big Game Fishing tournaments and are 4 time featured captains on the popular NESN New England Outdoors televison show. These guys are pretty great fishing guides and one of the best to take you deep sea fishing in Massachusetts.

B-Fast Charters is another fishing charter company that's been offering fishing in Massachusetts since 1989. They specialize in cod fishing on Stellwagen Bank, and charters in light tackle and fly fishing in the Boston Harbor and South Shore area for bluefish and striped bass. The Boston tours are a great way to get out of the city for a day.

Skip a Dory Charters is yet another successful fishing charter company offering trips out of the Boston area. Their specialty lies in both deep sea fishing and inshore trips and they boast that they "guarantee" clients won't be disappointed.

How do these charters make promises like these? Because the Massachusetts area is an angler's paradise and it's more uncommon not to catch something than to catch something! These charter companies rely on their expert anglers who know the area and its waters like the backs of their hands. They know all the sweet spots and honey holes in which to take avid fishermen. The fishing boats used by the charter companies are big and powerful with large deck areas and are able to navigate difficult waters easily.

There is lots of fishing in Massachusetts to be enjoyed, especially around Marthas Vineyard and Cape Cod. Lots of charters operate out of the area including Maverick Fishing Charters with the very accomplished Captain Jack Riley onboard. Jack Riley has commercial, sport and charter fished the East Cape and Islands for 25 years and knows some of the best fishing spots in the area and how to reel in monster fish from the deep.

Ice fishing in Massachusetts is also a popular winter sport allowing anglers to get their fishing fix even in the dead of winter, often accommodated in warm ice-fishing huts on frozen lakes. Lake trout fishing remains an angling pastime in the spring and fall fishing in Massachusetts is possible as well but the biggest and best catches happen in the summer season. Fishing charters are quite expensive but there are deals to be had and often the better prices come with more anglers on board. When to go is does depend slightly on what you want to fish for. Whatever your desire, fishing charters in Massachusetts are sure to accommodate.



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