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While tourism in Massachusetts peaks mainly in the summer, there really isn't a bad time to visit. In the western portion of the state, where you find the Berkshire Mountains and other ranges, there comes a winter influx of visitors looking to experience Massachusetts skiing. Eastern Massachusetts, with the cities of Boston, Salem and Gloucester is arguably the best in the summer, when Cape Cod is alive with boats and summertime hijinks. Between east and west, the central region waits to be explored, offering interesting museums and plenty of welcome vistas. If you haven't been to Massachusetts, you may be surprised just how varied the landscape can be. If you are interested in learning a bit about some of the most popular places to visit in Massachusetts and what kinds of Massachusetts hotels you can expect to find, the following are a few points of interest.

Helping to make your Massachusetts vacation all the more enjoyable, and possible, are the many Massachusetts hotels that dot the countryside and can be found here, there and everywhere. There is no shortage of Massachusetts hotels that have plenty of character or are big on charm. The bed and breakfasts are popular with many visitors who are looking for high-service and less cookie-cutter style accommodations. The various resorts around the state offer some of the best lodging options, and in the east, you may choose a beach vacation rental in the form of a condo or small home. The choices run the gamut, beginning in Boston and north to Salem and Gloucester. The state capital city of Boston is surely one of the main aim for visitors, and this sophisticated city benefits from its numerous resident universities, including Harvard and M.I.T. Boston has many great, old buildings and a nice colonial feel to it. The Freedom Trail is a recommendation for seeing some of the best of the city, and afterward, you can shop your heart out at Harvard Square or the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Boston is relatively small, and there are a lot of hotels in Boston to choose from. The Boston hotels are at their busiest from April-November, and generally the price for accommodations in the city is lofty. There are not a ton of budget Boston hotels to choose from, but they exist, though “budget” here might not mean under $100. You can often find discount Massachusetts hotels by booking a travel package, and this is a good idea if you want some help approaching the city.

Just two miles out of Boston proper, the city of Cambridge, which boasts Harvard and M.I.T., is a nice place for a Boston base, and there is a wide selection of Cambridge hotels. If you are in Boston, or Cambridge, the short trip up the coast for Marblehead and historic Salem is a rewarding route. Salem, unable to detach itself from its notorious witch trials, is a nice small city boasting a rich history. You can tour the town by trolley, or with a walking tour, both of which are fun and informative. Some down time spent in Salem Commons is a nice treat, and for shopping and entertainment, the Salem Marketplace delivers. You can find many a welcome and unique Salem MA hotel, some of which are housed in historic buildings. The city's bed and breakfasts are some visitors' first choice for a Salem MA hotel, and some of the inns provide the best Salem MA hotel budget options. Wherever you book your room, be sure to do so in advance if you are visiting during Halloween. Since you are in the area, you might opt for a day or more spent in Gloucester, where particularly in the months of May-October you can go whale watching. Gloucester has enough welcome attractions, and is a good base from which to visit the resort town of Cape Ann. There are some wonderful choices for Gloucester hotels, especially if you are looking for bed and breakfasts.

In the summertime, more than any other time of year, thousands head for Cape Cod, and the northern edge's city of Provincetown. Summer is the ideal weather for enjoying the Provincetown beaches, and the city's restaurants and artistic feel are alluring. In the summer, you may need to book a minimum stay at the Provincetown hotels, which offer a good selection of establishments that know how to cater to the visitor's needs. South of Cape Cod, the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket attract a good number of visitors, especially when the weather is warm. You can find some charming Nantucket hotels, and in Martha's Vineyard, many people choose to stay in the town of Edgartown, which is one of the more picturesque on the island. There are many nice resort-style Edgartown hotels to choose from, and though hotel rates on the island are usually high, at places like the Edgartown Inn, you can find a good deal. Before hopping on the ferry for Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, you might consider spending at least a night in the coastal city of New Bedford. You will find some good public golf courses here, as well as excellent whale watching opportunities. The selection of New Bedford hotels is somewhat limited, but you can find appropriate lodging here for most tastes.

Although Massachusetts is a relatively small state, there is so much to explore. If you are heading for the western highlands, it is worth it to stop in the region's most important city of Springfield, if for nothing else than to check out the pro Basketball Hall of Fame. There are a wide array of choices for Springfield hotels, including a nice selection for those looking for a budget hotel in Massachusetts. If you are seeking out the lakes and mountains in the west, you can find an assortment of Massachusetts hotels along Route 7, and the various inns and bed and breakfasts throughout the area provide some appealing choice. Out west, it is a good idea to book ahead if you are coming to see the fall foliage. Wherever you choose to explore in the Bay State, you will usually find some great Massachusetts hotels. For discount Massachusetts hotels, you can look for special hotel packages, or for online deals that provide reduced rates. Your best bets for a budget hotel in Massachusetts are small motels and inns and the affordable chain hotels that you can usually find along primary routes of travel. If you are looking to be in the lap of luxury, the Massachusetts hotels can meet your needs throughout the state as well.

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