Nantucket Apartments

Nantucket apartments give visitors of the island the ability to be very selective when it comes to the accommodations they stay in. You have the option of choosing from a relatively huge selection of vacation rentals on the island, and these include a wide variety of apartments. They can be found dispersed throughout the entire island in enviable locations such as charming downtown Nantucket as well as the plethora of alluring coastal destinations. Nantucket is perhaps better known for its vacation rentals than it is for its hotels and resorts. The island does indeed offer a fine selection of resorts and a variety of hotels, but for many people, the charm of Nantucket is all about having your own place (even if just for the week) to prepare dinners, enjoy the views of the ocean, and make yourself right at home.

The first thing to consider when it comes to Nantucket apartment rentals is where you wish to stay on the island. There are amazing beaches spread out over the entire island, from Jetties Beach and Brant Point near the Harbor and downtown to Great Point at the very northern tip of the island and beaches like Madaket, Cisco, and Miacomet on the southern coast. The first filter you should use for your own personal search is whether you want to stay on the ocean or on the island’s interior. You could in fact choose to have the best of both worlds and stay in historic downtown, which is close to a lot of the best dining, shopping, and attractions, as well as just blocks from the harbor. Once you have decided on which part of the island you wish to stay, you can begin to consider more intricate details like the style, size, and décor of your rental.

One of the best things about Nantucket apartments is their New England charm. Many of the apartments are rooms in houses that have been renovated into a bed and breakfast type of environment. There are, of course, also freestanding apartment buildings with individual units. When you stay at one of these apartments, it is likely to be housed within a historic home, a building that was constructed in the 1800s many times. You will get a sense for the tradition and seafaring heritage of the island and the surrounding areas when you witness the décor and architectural conventions all over the island. You can choose from Nantucket apartments that are tastefully decorated using nautical themes and décor that are reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean.

You can also be very selective when it comes to the size, and therefore, the price of your place. Many vacation rentals are going to be pricy, especially during the peak tourist travel season of May through October, so in any event, you will want to make your reservations as far in advance as possible. If you are trying to make a trip to Nantucket Island on a tight budget, you may consider looking into renting one of the small apartment-style rooms that are available at private owners’ houses throughout the island.

Top image: Bob P. B. (flickr)
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