Nantucket Cruises

Nantucket cruises provide a great way to explore the island, including destinations that many people know by name, but rarely get to explore up close. Not everyone realizes that Nantucket Island is a haven for wildlife and a place where you can witness such marine life as whales, seals, and much more from the water. You can take a Nantucket cruise tour around the island and through harbor. There are many different itineraries available, including the ever-popular Nantucket Clipper Cruises, which offer 100-person cruises that travel around 200 miles over the course of seven days, again, offering a host of itineraries. So, generally speaking, you can think of Nantucket cruises in one of two categories: cruises that depart from the island or travel to the island as a part of a longer cruise trip or cruises that are essentially tours of the waters around the island. The Hy-Line Cruises, Freedom Cruise Lines, and Steamship Authority dock at Straight Wharf and the Ocean Street Dock. Most of the cruise tour operators do so out of the Nantucket Harbor.

For people interested in taking Nantucket cruises to various ports of interest in the surrounding waters, the Nantucket Clipper Cruises may be an ideal option. There are a number of itineraries available, including routes through the US as well as the Canadian coast, the Great Lakes, French Canada, Nova Scotia, and more. Since the Clipper is only around 200 feet long and only admits 100 guests at a time, the experience tends more toward that of a yacht trip than a cruise liner. The customer service is exceptional and personalized and you will have the benefit of enjoying great food and plenty of drinks as you visit some of the most beautiful destinations and ports of call in the Atlantic Ocean. There are many opportunities for breathtaking photographs along the way. You should consider bringing along a pair of binoculars with your camera and camcorder. Whale watching is one of the top attractions on these cruises and something that you are not going to want to miss.

If you are planning a vacation to Nantucket Island and are interested in booking a Nantucket cruise tour, you also have a host of options. One such option is offered by Nantucket Adventures, a company that operates an environmentally safe craft that enables exploration of some of the island’s most remote and pristine ecosystems. Every trip they offer also comes with the guarantee that you will see seals. This is a great bonus for parents looking to give the kids a thrill on a day journey on the island. It is also not uncommon to see whales along the way, and you are also guaranteed to have your fill of plenty of other marine life, birds, and lots of breathtaking flora.

For couples interested in a romantic, sunset cruise, Nantucket is just the place. There are a number of places that charter boats for private use. You have the option of taking the boat out for the day or for the evening. Rent your own boat and take it out on your own or charter your own vessel and just focus on relaxing and having an enchanted dinner by moonlight on the ocean. There are all manner of cruises available on Nantucket Island, and all of them give you the opportunity to see the sheer, natural beauty of this vacation destination off the coast of southern Massachusetts.

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