Nantucket Fishing

Nantucket fishing is among the most popular things to do on the island, right up there alongside boating. There are a number of captains that offer Nantucket fishing charters to a number of locations. There are many different itineraries for these trips. Some of the charters stay close to the coast and generally emphasize light tackle fishing, whereas others travel as far as 100 miles offshore to hunt for large sport fish that can weigh up to 900 pounds. Fishermen of all stripes, whether novices or old pros, will find that challenging and rewarding experiences await them.

There are viable locations from which to fish on all four coasts of Nantucket Island. The key is going in with a solid idea of what kind of fishing you want to do. The experience fishing from the shore is far different than tumbling on the sea, 100 miles offshore, fishing for big game. If you plan to go deep sea fishing, you can plan on spending a good amount of money. This is not at all to say that the experience is not well worth it. Most Nantucket fishing charters last for either two and a half or five hours, depending upon how far out you go and what it is you are fishing for. Whether you are fishing for tuna or larger game like mahi mahi or even maco shark, you are in for a treat.

Some of the Nantucket beaches can be great places to go fishing from the shore. Dionis Beach, located a few miles west of the Nantucket Sound on the northern coast of the island, is an ideal spot for novice fishermen and those who enjoy onshore fishing to catch blue fish. You literally just stand on the beach, cast, and retrieve. The waters are calm and the fish are abundant. Miacomet Beach on the southern shore is also a favorite location for beach fishing. You can also find striped bass in these waters. They tend to feed on the outside of the schools of blue fish that you are sure to encounter.

For those who are looking for something more adventurous, there are prime waters off the tip of Great Point, all the way down to the Nantucket Harbor. Here you will find a much greater diversity of sport fish. As mentioned above, the sport fish in these waters can range up to nearly a 1,000 pounds and it is not at all uncommon for an angler to bag a two- or three-hundred pound marlin or shark. One of the best things about taking one of the Nantucket fishing charters is that the knowledgeable captains know exactly where to go to find exactly what it is you are looking for. The experience of deep sea fishing is most unlike any other kind of angling. The thrill of grabbing onto a baited line that is fastened in a holster on the side of the craft is exhilarating to say the very least.

There are several different captains that offer charters for Nantucket fishing. They operate out of the Nantucket Sound and offer a diversity of trips. Be sure to make your plans well in advance of the day you plan to go out if at all possible, as fishing charters are very popular in season (between May and October).

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