Nantucket Flights

Nantucket flights can be secured for a reasonable cost with enough advance planning. This should not be too much of a problem since most flights to the Nantucket Airport are only offered seasonally. The tourist season on Nantucket Island generally lasts from mid-April through late-October. People also travel to Nantucket Island during the holidays to enjoy the festivities and events during that time of year. For the purpose of planning your vacation to Nantucket, you pretty much want to stick to seasonal flights during the vacation season if you are looking for the most economical and convenient deals.

Nantucket Memorial Airport is a relatively small hub that is typically only busy during the vacation season. Approximately nine airlines operate out of Nantucket Airport altogether, including several national providers like Delta Airlines and U.S. Airways Express, as well as smaller regional carriers like Cape Air, Colgan Air, and Nantucket Airlines. The services at Nantucket Memorial Airport are limited, but you will be able to find reliable ground transportation, including rental cars, shuttles, and taxis. Many of the luxury hotels on the island offer complimentary pick-up service at the airport, so you should certainly inquire as to whether this is the case before making plans to rent a car. This may at first seem obvious, but many people rent a car only to find out that they do not really need it once they get to their hotel, give how many other modes of transportation there are to get around the island. Once you have arrived in Nantucket, you will have the option of renting bicycles, scooters, mopeds, or even taking boat rides to get from one place to the next.

Cape Air and Colgan Air offer an approximately 50-minute flight from Boston. Colgan Air, Island Airlines, Nantucket Airlines, and Nantucket Shuttle offer a 15-minute flight from Hyannis, Massachusetts. It’s also just a 15-minute jump to Nantucket Island from Martha’s Vineyard, another of the most popular vacation destinations along the Eastern Seaboard. Providence, Rhode Island is also close to Nantucket, and Cape Air offers a 45-minute flight that departs from there. There are several options for people who plan to depart from New York City as well. JetBlue Airways makes trips to Nantucket Island from JFK and Delta and U.S. Airways Express offer Nantucket flights from La Guardia. Flights to Nantucket also depart from Washington D.C., Danbury, Connecticut, Newark and Teterboro, New Jersey, and Westchester/White Plains, New York.

You will definitely want to do your planning as far in advance as possible to get the best possible deals for your vacation travel. Nantucket Island is one of the most popular destinations for travelers in this part of the country and lots of folks will be making airline reservations in advance of late spring and summer. You may also consider looking into vacation packages to lessen the cost of the trip. Many of the luxury hotels and resorts offer incentives and special deals, so it is definitely worth doing the extra digging.

Once you have made your final flight and hotel arrangements for Nantucket, you can get on with the fun part of visiting the island attractions, including the beaches, museums, and world-class restaurants.

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