Nantucket Summer Rentals

Nantucket summer rentals represent some of the most popular vacation rentals for travelers on the East Coast. The peak tourist travel season on Nantucket, and the time when most events and things to do take place, is between May and October. The beginning of the season is generally marked by a massive influx of tourists for the Memorial Day weekend, and everything begins to substantially wind down after Labor Day in September.

There are a vast number of Nantucket summer houses for rent all over the island. They vary in terms of style, size, and price range, but have one thing in common—exceptional locations with gorgeous views. Whereas hotels are the most common accommodations at many vacation spots, rentals are the most popular kind on Nantucket Island. Nantucket summer homes are perfect for families or groups of friends looking to venture away for a trip. One of the great things about renting your own place is that you can be selective when it comes to the size and style of the place. These factors, in large part, inform how expensive your rental is going to be.

Whether you are planning to stay close to Nantucket Harbor on the north coast or are planning a trip to the south shore, you will have many options for places to rent. There are Nantucket summer rentals suitable for couples on their honeymoon, and there are also estate-like houses that can accommodate lots of people and feature virtually every amenity you can imagine. There are luxury homes on Nantucket for rent with huge swimming pools, sprawling, furnished decks and patios, and sweeping vistas of the harbor and sea. There are also more reasonably priced accommodations that may be more within reach for young couples or groups of friends who are most interested in simply getting to the island to enjoy all of the activities and attractions that it has to offer.

The summer is, after all, a time of much celebration and partying on Nantucket Island. During May and October, you can bet that the beaches will be full of sun-seeking individuals, soaking up the choice rays, warm weather, and beautiful scenery. Virtually all of the Nantucket summer houses offer easy access to the beach where you can enjoy everything from surfing and kayaking to fishing and yachting.

If you are a family with small children and want to stay at one of the Nantucket summer homes near calm waters, you will probably want to begin your search on the north coast in the Nantucket Harbor. Destinations like Jetties Beach and Children’s Beach are ideal for swimmers of all ages. The water is calm and warm and there are plenty of activities that the entire family can enjoy together. It is also handy to be just a few minutes from town where there are a plethora of restaurants, as well as galleries, museums, stores, and cultural sites.

There are a quite a few attractive vacation rentals on the southern coast. Many of them are nearby enviable places like Surfside Beach, Miacomet, and Madaket. Couples may just find an ideal bungalow or beach cottage here. You will be hard pressed to encounter a more romantic place to enjoy private walks on the beach and the breathtaking beauty of the Atlantic Ocean than on the southern coast of Nantucket Island.

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