Nantucket Tours

Nantucket tours provide a fantastic means for first-time visitors of the island to truly get to know the environs. They are also a fun way for repeat visitors to dig deeper into the cultural heritage of the island as well as take advantage of engaging expeditions on land and by sea. There are a wide variety of tours available, from walking tours of the historic downtown area to eco-friendly boat tours into the reaches of the island where you can witness the rarest of its fragile and diverse ecosystems. Nantucket tours from Boston and Hyannis are particularly popular and give people the option of exploring places like Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard as a part of an inclusive vacation. No matter what your group is interested in seeing, you are guaranteed to find a tour on Nantucket Island that suits everyone. There are so many beaches and water-related tours and activities as well as so much to do on the interior of the island itself, it is hard to imagine anyone getting bored.

Whale watching tours are some of the most popular of all the excursions available on Nantucket Island. There are a number of companies that offer these Nantucket tours and most of them guarantee that you will see not only whales, but also seals. These are some of the best tours for families with small kids. The knowledgeable captains of these vessels know exactly where to go to see these impressive sea creatures coming out of the water and spraying mist into the air. Most all of these tours depart from the Nantucket Harbor. If you happen to be staying in this area, you will also be in close proximity of some of the best beaches for families. Places like Jetties Beach and Children’s Beach feature calm water that is perfect for swimming.

Besides all of the activities on the beaches, there is also a host of attractions on the island itself. There are over 800 historic houses and many historic buildings, some of which house fantastic institutions like the Nantucket Whaling Museum. There are all kinds of itineraries for exploring the island, including guided walking tours and air-conditioned auto tours of the island’s most significant cultural attractions. These include places like the Hadwen House, Great Point Light, Sankaty Head Lighthouse and other lighthouses, and the plethora of gorgeous waterfront houses. When you take these kinds of tours you really get a feel for the history and tradition of the island. The guided tours are particularly helpful in this way, as the tour guides are able to provide background and information about all of the sites on display.

There are also Nantucket Island tours akin to local cruises that explore not only the beautiful coastal areas of Nantucket, but also other destinations like Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you are taking a deep sea expedition or simply exploring the Atlantic waters, these are trips that you will not soon forget. Be sure to make any reservations for Nantucket tours well in advance of your trip, as the most popular ones tend to book up very quickly, especially during the peak tourist travel season of May through October.

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