Rockport Massachusetts

Rockport Massachusetts is a lovely city of about 7,000 people on Cape Ann in the eastern part of the state. Rockport is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on three sides and the closest neighboring city is Gloucester. The city is located 25 miles from Boston. There are a wide variety of things to do in Rockport, including dining, shopping, and visiting cultural attractions, but the chief appeal is the prime location on the ocean. It is a destination where people can walk along the rocky coastline and truly set a sense for the power and awe-inspiring beauty of the Atlantic.

Being so close to the ocean provides many opportunities for sports and activities. Sailing and fishing are just two of the favorite pastimes that have been popular in Rockport for generations. Although Rockport was at one time a much more influential commercial fishing center, it is now largely a residential and tourist town. The atmosphere is quaint and convivial and many of the restaurants and tourist attractions take advantage of being positioned on the coast. For instance, there are many a fine seafood restaurant where you can enjoy a top meal in a premiere environment that offers sweeping vistas of the cape and ocean.

It is notable that there are fourteen trains that service Boston from Rockport Massachusetts for those interested in visiting the nearby big city. In many ways Rockport MA is the ideal destination for people who want easy access to a cosmopolitan city without the crowds. Rockport provides everything you need to have a beautiful vacation and you will also have immediate access to Boston should you even more things to do.

There are three islands total that are considered to be a part of Rockport Massachusetts. They are Thatcher Island, Milk Island, and Straitsmouth Island. You can take a ferry to enjoy any of these islands or explore the coast and rocky beaches of Rockport. The shoreline is primarily rocky north of Land’s End. Farther to the south you will find that the beaches are a bit more tame and sandy. In any event, you should be absolutely sure to bring your camera to photograph these breathtaking views.

There are several points of historic and cultural interest as well as a good variety of Rockport hotels for those people visiting from out of town. The Rockport Art Association, Halibut Point Reservation, and the Paper House are just a few of the tourist attractions in the city. Bearskin Neck is a tourist attraction that allows people to get a glimpse into the old way of life in Rockport. It includes lobster and fishermen’s shacks. This area has been turned into a full-on tourist attraction, and now you can dine and enjoy hanging out in this cool area of town. Babson Farm granite quarry within the boundaries of Halibut Point State Park is also a place that you should strongly consider taking the camera. There are plenty of Rockport hotels in this gorgeous city. Be sure to take in as much of the outdoors as you can. The twin lighthouses on Thacher Island and other such picturesque landmarks make this a uniquely compelling place to visit.

Image: Tim Grafft/MOTT
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