Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is the largest amusement park in New England. Formerly known as Riverside Amusement Park, it can be found approximately six miles south of Springfield in the town of Agawam. As is true of most other Six Flags parks, Six Flags New England offers both a theme park and a water park, and its variety of rides cater to people of virtually all ages. Among the many rides is a steel roller coaster named Bizarro. It ranks among the world’s very best steel roller coasters and helps to make Six Flags New England a wonderful destination for thrill seekers. It isn’t all about the rides at this popular amusement park, however. A variety of Looney Tunes characters are on hand to help keep park visitors entertained, and there are special shows and parades to enjoy during the mid-April to November operating season. Six Flags New England visitors can also hope to interact with the chain’s mascot – Mr Six – and the month of October plays host to an annual Halloween festival that is known as Fright Fest. As any good amusement park should, Six Flags New England offers dining and shopping opportunities as well.

Six Flags New England Scream

Six Flags New England Scream
Six Flags New England Scream Image: rickpilot_2000 (flickr)

Scream! is one of the most renowned rides that you can find at Six Flags New England. Coincidentally, you can find a similar ride at Six Flags Texas in San Antonio. Both rides are combo tower rides that are nearly 20 stories high. They are not for the faint of heart. Riders are basically shot high into the air and then dropped a considerable distance before rising and dropping again. Since the Scream! ride at Six Flags New England has multiple towers, riders can actually enjoy a few different experiences. There is the original tower, which is only used for "Turbo Drops." The other two towers were added in 2000 and can be used for "Turbo Drops" and other riding modes that are known as "Space Shots" and "Double Shots."

Six Flags New England Rides

Six Flags New England Rides
Six Flags New England Rides Image: ReneS (flickr)

The Six Flags New England rides cater to most every taste and preference. Roller coaster enthusiasts are certainly covered. The park offers no less than 11 of these thrill-based attractions. As mentioned, they include the renowned Bizarro, which has a drop of 221 feet and reaches speeds of up to 77 miles per hour. Complementing the roller coasters are a variety of other thrill rides, some of which are considered to be among the most thrilling rides in the country. On the more docile side of things at Six Flags New England are a series of rides that fall into the "family" and "kids" categories. Examples include the classic Scrambler, a river tubing attraction that is known as Adventure River, a cable car ride that is known as the New England Skyway, and a spinning ride called Krazy Kups.

Six Flags New England Hotels

Six Flags New England Hotels
Six Flags New England Hotels

A number of hotels can be found within close proximity of Six Flags New England. Among them are the numerous Springfield hotels. Another major city in the area is Hartford (Connecticut), so travelers who are bound for the park can also keep the Hartford hotels in mind. As for those who wish to stay as close as possible to Six Flags New England, it is hard to beat the Hampton Inn Enfield. Only some five miles separates it from the park. Many of the hotels near Six Flags New England are chain brand establishments that offer good clean rooms at a good clean price, so parkgoers who wish to save their money for the park itself should have little trouble securing budget-friendly accommodations. For camping enthusiasts, there are options there as well. The closest campground to Six Flags New England is the Sodom Mountain Campground in Southwick MA. It features a variety of facilities for the whole family to enjoy.

Six Flags New England Coupons

Six Flags New England Coupons
Six Flags New England Coupons Image: milst1 (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

The regular fees for Six Flags New England are reasonable enough, but it’s never a bad thing to save a little money when purchasing yours. Coupons and other forms of discounts for the park are often available for guests of the area hotels and campgrounds. It can also be a good idea to consult area travel guides and brochures, as they often yield such discounts. Other ideas for finding Six Flags New England coupons include checking with regional stores, gas stations, and restaurants. Inquiring with the park directly is just one more option, as it is known to offer discounts of its own. People who purchase their tickets at least three days in advance through Six Flags New England usually enjoy discounted rates, for example, and there are usually any other number of special deals that the park makes available at any given time. In addition to coupons, a Six Flags New England map can help you maximize your time at the amusement park.  

Top image: ReneS (flickr)

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