Six Flags New England Map

A Six Flags New England map that highlights the general area will show just how close this southern Massachusetts amusement park is to the Connecticut border. Because of this location, the park is a very popular destination among Massachusetts and Connecticut residents alike. Six Flags New England is also within relatively easy reach of Rhode Island residents and people who live in the New England region in general. This helps to make it the king of the New England theme parks.

Now that we know just how convenient Six Flags New England is for residents of such regional cities as Boston and Albany, we can focus more on a map of the park itself. A good place to start is with the park’s address. It is Route 159, 1623 Main Street, Agawam, MA. To the immediate east of Six Flags New England is the Connecticut River, and this major waterway can help parkgoers orient themselves once they get into the area. Once they arrive at the park, visitors can pick up a detailed Six Flags New England map that shows the park’s specific environs and its different themed areas. These park maps are available at the front gate and at any one of the park’s retail outlets. They don’t cost anything and can definitely help visitors make sense of their surroundings and better maximize their time.

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