Springfield Massachusetts

Springfield Massachusetts is best known for being the birth place of basketball. James Naismith , who was a physical education instructor originally born in Canada, taught at Springfield College from 1890-1895 . He invented the game of basketball in Springfield Massachusetts under the direction of American phys-ed specialist Luther Halsey Gulick. Springfield Massachusetts is the home of the infamous Basketball Hall of Fame.

The most popular time to visit Springfield Massachusetts is in June, July and August when the weather is at its best. The autumn season is a great time to visit as well when temperatures cool off and can be more comfortable than the hot summer season. The busiest time of year in Springfield MA in fall is around Thanksgiving when inns, hotels, restaurants and transportation fills right up. If skiing's your forte then visit Springfield in the colder winter months and visit some of the nearby ski hills. There are daily train stops in Springfield from Boston, Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Springfield is also easily reached by care from Boston and Cambridge as well as surrounding cities.

When planning a Springfield vacation note that there are a variety of accommodations to choose from including a Marriot hotel, a Sheraton hotel, a Hilton hotel and a Holiday Inn. Dining options may not come in as a wide a range as you'll find in a large city such as Boston, but there are several good restaurants in the area, and the nightlife of the city is also quite good. When on your Springfield vacation take a trip downtown in the evening and tour the strip of bars, pool halls and small music venues featuring live entertainment most nights. Symphony Hall located at Court Street offers concerts by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra and also features musicals and touring performing artists throughout the year.

When looking for a Springfield attraction be sure to check out the statue in Springfield that is part of Peter Wolf Toth's "The Trail of Whispering Giants". There is at least one sculpture found in each of the United States today dedicated to Native American people. While in Springfield why not visit the Springfield Armory, the nations first and last official armory and a must see on the Springfield attraction list. The museum showcases a fifth of the site's rare collection of industrial and historic weapons and machinery. The armory has list of events that occur throughout the year and offers a seasonal historical docket presented by scholars, authors, community leaders and park staff.

The Springfield Museums Quadrangle is also a great Springfield attraction and is located just northeast of Court Square. Many Springfield museums and galleries can be found here such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Springfield Science Museum and the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum. One other Springfield attraction worth noting is the Forest Park Zoo a non-profit organization which is situated on a 735 acres woodland area. Featuring over 150 exotic and domestic animals the zoo is a fun place to spend and afternoon and is open in April to October from 10am-4pm and October 15 to November 30 on weekends only from 10am-3:30pm. The fee is $4.50 for adults and less for children but be sure to check rates before visiting.

Though Springfield is mainly visited as a stop on routes going further north or south it remains a nice town to visit for a few days. Springfield has experienced tough times over the years from going from a prosperous manufacturing hub to a city with high unemployment rates, but dutiful residents remain true to the city and slowly the downtown core is being redeveloped and the city is starting to draw new businesses to the area.

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