Flights To Detroit

If you are going to Detroit by air, you will likely arrive at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. This airport has recently added a new terminal, a sixth runway, and the luxury class Westin Hotel. Many other Detroit hotels can be found around the airport if you need lodging when you arrive. Another new terminal will open in 2008, replacing the aging Smith terminal. Basically all your major airlines have regular flights to Detroit as it is the main hub of the state, and any connecting flight to other areas of the state usually goes through the Metro Airport. Youll find commuter and express airlines have flights to Detroit and a couple charter airlines fly in to Detroit as well into the Berry terminal with the winter months being their busiest time of year. The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport has an award-winning overall concession service and has unique shopping as well as the typical airport chain stores. Within their concession program you'll find a great place to grab a bite and plan your Detroit itineraries.

For cheap flights to Detroit you can look on a number of the discount airfare sights online. Keep in mind that finding cheap flights to Detroit usually means that you reserve your flight in advance, most usually finding your best bets for cheap Detroit airfares by looking two weeks or more ahead of your travel time. The longer you wait to schedule your flight before the actual travel day, the harder it will be to find cheap flights to Detroit. With various major airlines servicing this airport, you can look through the rates and compare finding the best option for cheap Detroit airfares. Also important is consider when you are flying. It is harder around major holidays to find cheap Detroit airfares, especially if you wait until the last minute, due to the high volume of air passengers making their way around the country. A lot of savvy travelers look for off hours as well, and taking a red-eye flight is a good way to find cheap flights to Detroit. You will be traveling very early in the morning or very late at night, but as long as the person next to you isnt a loud snorer, you can grab some shut-eye and rest while you leave the "driving" up to the pilot.

Once you find your best option for Detroit flights, rest assured that when you arrive there are modes of transportation to downtown Detroit hotels. The Smart bus will take you to downtown Detroit for $1.50 (exact change), and the trip takes about 90 minutes. Car rental agencies line up at the same strip at the airport and you have plenty of options for car rentals once youve arrived. For taxi service, youll find Metro Taxi Service and the cost to get downtown will run you around $41. Checker Sedan is another taxi service that can get you to downtown Detroit for $49. But if you are trying to save money, as you may have when looking for flights to Detroit, take the Smartbus and use the time to plan your Detroit daytrips and decide which Detroit attractions you want to see.

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