Great Lakes Sailing Charters

Great Lakes sailing charters will get you traveling in style. With 80,545 square miles of open waters from Lake Erie in New York to the North Shore in Duluth Minnesota, you will have plenty of room to sail away from boredom and enjoy an exhilarating experience. The first sailboat sailed the Great Lakes in 1679 (a sailboat named Le Griffon), and ever since then people have been harnessing the wind to make travel the wide open waters. While there are more efficient ways to get around than when Le Griffon made its journey, sailing on the Great Lakes is certainly one of the most scenic and memorable ways to travel aboard the world's largest system of fresh water.

Whether your an expert sailor or a certified landlubber, you will have the opportunity to set sail. Many companies offer Great Lakes cruises where you can step aboard the boat and enjoy the journey without lifting a finger. A Coast Guard certified captain and crew will helm the journey while you can sit back and enjoy the journey. Often these sailboats are modern replicas of historical vessels offering great amenities and safety features those early explorers did not have. These Great Lakes sailing cruises are a fun and relaxing way to explore and discover just how great these lakes really are.

While some are content with a short sightseeing cruise, others want to spend more time on the water. Some Great Lakes sailing cruises cover more distance than you could pack into an afternoon jaunt. Several tour companies offer extended itineraries for sailing on the Great Lakes. Several of these excursions begin in Toronto and head west to Minnesota. After setting sail on Lake Ontario in Toronto, you could spend days aboard a ship visiting some of the most scenic places along the way including Michigan's Straits of Mackinac and Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island on earth.

While many itineraries included a pre-set schedules and route, it's also possible to enjoy a trip on your your own terms. With customized excursions, you can pick the departure point, duration of the journey, and the route traveled. If you need a crew and a boat or just the boat, you can find a company that suits your needs for sailing on the Great Lakes. Whether you want to spend your time on all of the lakes or you just want to see one of them, Great Lakes sailing charters are an excellent way to have the vacation you want.

If you've always wanted to learn the ins and outs of sailing, you can do that on the wide open waters of the big lakes. From Lake Superior in Minnesota, near Duluth, to the Saint Lawrence Seaway, and points in between, sailing schools welcome people of all ages and abilities to learn the ropes and experience the thrill of the open water. As long as you can swim and have a willingness to learn, you can sign up for a class. Whether your class lasts for a few hours or a few days, the lessons will include the basic techniques, such as launching, landing, and rigging. More experienced students often sign up for races or learn how to sail bigger boats. After successfully graduating from sailing school, your next Great Lakes sailing charters won't be the same. You'll know so much more and you may even have the chance to take charge and guide the vessel along the vast blue waters of these magnificent inland seas.

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